Come to auntie with chest pain. Is this not normal?Doctor: Don’t touch it yourself

The menstrual period is a special physiological stage of women. Due to the fluctuations of hormones in the body, many women will have various discomfort during this period.Some people have diarrhea as soon as they come, but more women feel chest pain as soon as they have menstruation.Is breast tenderness normal during menstruation?

Zhang Yanhong, deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the First People’s Hospital of Guangzhou, pointed out in an previous interview that women may wish to "touch themselves".

According to Zhang Yanhong, such as menstrual tide and menstruation, most of the breasts, hardness, tenderness, etc. are mostly normal, which is related to hormone fluctuations in the menstrual period.During pregnancy or abortion, breast pain may occur.

But most women have breast tenderness before and after menstruation, which may be caused by hormone level fluctuations in the body.Due to the fluctuations of hormones, the hyperplasia of the breast tissue and the edema of the mammary tissue eventually caused women to feel breast pain."

Of course, Zhang Yanhong pointed out that breast pain during menstrual period is not necessarily normal. Women need to be alert to pathogenic breast tenderness. "If menstrual breast tenderness cannot be relieved after menstruation, or the pain is very severe, even when you touch it, it hurts.Wait, this requires attention. This is a pathological breast tenderness. It is likely to be caused by breast disease. It is related to breast hyperplasia, mastitis and even breast tumors. Professional doctors need to diagnose breasts. "

Zhang Yanhong told her family doctor to edit online, no matter what time, self -timeline is an effective means for women to judge whether their breast conditions are normal.The degree of adhesion with the skin, etc. "

So, what kind of breast mass is normal during menstruation?Zhang Yanhong said, "Most of the breast lumps are multiple, more than one, the size varies, the texture is hard or tough, the mass is not sticky to the skin, the surface is often not smooth, and there is a grain.In the first few days of menstruation, breast lumps will increase and harden, and the lumps are softened after menstruation. But if you can obviously feel the nodules, you should seek medical treatment in time to make the doctor accurately judge. "

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