Common sense

Many foods are delicious for humans, but for those cute dogs, they are equivalent to entry poison.Pay more attention, don’t let the dog eat it by mistake!

1. Deadly chocolate

The purine content of cocoa base in chocolate is very high, while the dog’s degradation ability to purine is much lower than people. It will damage the dog’s kidneys. Chocolate also contain caffeine, which is not good for the health of the dog.

2. Onion and green onions that cause anemia

Onions and onions contain sulfide, which is harmless to people, but can cause the red blood cells of cats and dogs to oxidize, which may cause hemolytic anemia.Even through heating, it cannot destroy the harmful substances.

3. Animal liver that cannot be eaten

Many people use the staple food of duck liver or beef liver, both cheap, dogs and love.The liver contains a large amount of nutrients, which can meet the nutritional needs of dogs.A small amount of liver is good for dogs, but excessive problems may cause problems because the liver contains a large amount of vitamin A, which can cause vitamin A poisoning.Excessive vitamins can cause bone problems.

4. Bone bones that can penetrate through the gastrointestinal and intestines

The bone marrow is the source of nutritional elements such as calcium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, etc., and big bones can also help clear the effect of tartar to exercise teeth.The fragile bones, such as chicken bones, fishbone, cooked cylindrical bones, etc., may stab the dog’s throat, esophageal, stomach, or intestine cause seriousness.For dogs who like chewing, eating bones is not much dangerous; but for dogs who like to swallow, eating bones is very dangerous.If you want to feed your bones, use the pressure cooker to cook, which can reduce danger.

5. Damage to healthy condiments

Salt, pepper, pepper, etc. are not suitable for dogs.The metabolism of these condiments is different from others. If there are too many salt points in people, the dog cannot excrete excess salt through sweaty ways, which causes salt poisoning.

6. High -sugar food

Many high -sugar foods such as ice cream and cream cakes have no particularly important nutrients, but dogs love to eat.Eating such foods frequently can easily cause dog’s dental diseases, fat and diabetes.

Therefore, even if we dotes the dog again, we cannot indulge in food, otherwise it will be late!

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