Compared to postpartum depression, it is easier to be treated by lighting during pregnancy

When I was pregnant with the first child, I had hardly experienced the stages of physical discomfort during pregnancy. All the success and the achievements of the water jumped out. I originally thought that I had the experience of Huai Dabao. This time, I was pregnant with Erbao.If you are familiar with your driving, you can face the process of pregnancy.

Unexpectedly, I’m so stupid and naive!

For more than two months, severe nausea has made me difficult to eat. When I smelling oil fume or some smells, I have quickly avoided it because of trying to spit.Even adjusting the posture, standing or sitting or lying, you have to worry about the food that holds the throat at any time.

In addition, the fatigue and soreness of the body, coupled with the two emergency medical care experience of bleeding, also made people torture. I gradually found that the pregnancy impact was not only a physical level, but also psychologically began to change.

I have lost the motivation to do anything. In the past, I liked to record reading experience and the habit of work reflection in the past.I can no longer invest with her like a dynamic all -god all -time in the past.In addition to changes in motivation and interests, my emotions are being covered by an indescribable gloomy and frustrated monopoly …

So, my professional told myself: Dear, this is not only physical discomfort. You are experiencing depression during pregnancy …

do you know?The incidence of depression during pregnancy is the same as postpartum depression …

About 10-20%of pregnant women will experience depression symptoms that meet clinical standards during pregnancy, and they usually occur in the first or third pregnancy.This incidence is equivalent to postpartum depression, but why is depression during pregnancy?When you find that you have a bad appetite, lose your vitality, sleep well, and your mood is low, you or relatives and friends often attribute this to pregnancy rather than depression. In addition, we are more inclined to pay more attention to the health of pregnant women than psychological health.But it is risky to despise depression during pregnancy!Studies have found that when pregnant women have been in large pressure and negative emotions for a long time, the pressure in the brain will secrete excessive secretion and affect the development of the fetus, leading to excessive weight or premature birth.

In addition to the influence of hormones, which factors are related to depression during pregnancy?

Mom herself is a high anxiety personality, high life pressure, a history of depression in the past, poor economic conditions, lack of sufficient social support, non -expected pregnancy or violent treatment of partners.EssenceIt is worth noting that depression does not disappear with production, and often becomes more serious after delivery and needs further treatment …

Is depression during pregnancy and general depression?

The symptoms of depression during pregnancy are the same as the symptoms of depression in the average person, such as: feel sad, empty, helpless hopeless, losing interest in life, sudden increase in appetite, changes in sleep, fatigue and weakness … and so on.In addition, pregnant women with depression may accompany the following situations: excessive anxiety and concern, low self -esteem, feel that they are not suitable for being a mother, can’t feel joy, difficult to self -care during pregnancy, because of improper diet, because of improper dietIt makes it difficult to gain weight, expose tobacco and alcoholic drugs and even think of suicide.

I am a pregnant woman, I seem to be depressed, what should I do?

1. Sensitive inspection of your own psychological state, you can fill in this questionnaire for simple depression self -assessment, understand your depression, and observe the duration of depression (whether it is over two weeks).

2. Follow your own emotional feelings, do not deny, do not reject, and discuss with family and relatives. The accompaniment, care and acceptance of important others play a key role!

3. Improper Superman Pregnant Women!During this period, please do not worry about expressing the needs, take care of your physical and mental state as a priority. When the physical and mental needs of your mother are met, you can meet the needs of children in the future.

4. Don’t delay!If the low emotions fail to improve, they should be actively visited.

Women in ancient times experienced pregnancy production, as if they were walking in front of the Ghost Gate; today’s medical development, the risk of pregnancy and childbirth has been greatly reduced, but for women, the course of pregnancy is still a huge challenge for physical and mental state!Before being strong for the mother, we first try to care for ourselves and protect our physical and mental health.

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