Continuous pain in the lower abdomen is not menstruation. What is the reason?

When you feel pain in the lower abdomen, you know that the aunt is coming.However, the good aunt who said good, only abdominal spasm. What is going on?In the face of this situation, the first reaction of many childcare women is "I’m pregnant."This is of course a common reason for auntie, but it is definitely not the only reason.If you are pregnant is good news, it is difficult to make people happy.They are often accompanied by worrying pathological changes.Therefore, we must have a sufficient understanding.


Only abdominal pain and no aunt, the first possibility is pregnancy.Early pregnancy pain is usually periodic pain or acupuncture or tingling on the abdomen or bilateral sides.When the fetus is attached to your uterus.Sinking pain in the lower abdomen, which is called implantation pain.


A unilateral mild spasm close to the aunt’s date may be caused by the delay of ovulation.Some women have spasm on one side of the lower abdomen before and after ovulation, which is called ovulation pain. It usually does not need to worry, unless it hurts seriously.In the average menstrual cycle of 28 days, this pain may appear on the 10-14 days of the cycle.


More and more severe menstrual pain, delay of menstruation, and pain in sexual life may be caused by ectopic endometrium.This pain may occur at any time of a month, often feeling pain in the lower abdomen, waist and pelvic parts.


If it is a woman in her 40s, the menstruation is irregular and abdominal pain often occurs, which may be in the menopausal stage.In menopausal, many women do not even have menstruation for several months, but menstruation can occur during menstruation, accompanied by loss of sexual desire, lack of sleep, and weight gain.

Ovarian cyst

Sudden and severe abdominal pain may be caused by the rupture of ovarian cysts and need to be sent to the hospital immediately.Ovarian cysts may cause severe pain under the navel, and pain on the ovarian area on the side of the cyst, or pain on the lower back and thighs.

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer can cause abdominal or pelvic spasm, accompanied by legs and waist pain.At first, it may be mild, but it will intensify over time, accompanied by symptoms including abdominal swelling, constipation, frequent urination, etc.

Pelvic inflammation disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a bacterial infection that can be infected through sexual intercourse. It may even be caused by normal bacteria in the vagina.The lower abdomen spasm is its most prominent symptom and may appear at any time a month.Of course, in addition to the reasons mentioned above, stress, sedentary, and dietary disorders such as greedy and anorexia may also cause only abdominal pain but no aunt.

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