Daughter -in -law did a breastproof during pregnancy, and her mother -in -law forced to "give birth"!Genting your teeth, as a result …

Newly married couple pregnant with baby

This is a happy thing

But because of a physical examination

As a result, my mother -in -law relationship is very nervous

Even after the son was born

Daughter -in -law posted on the Internet to complain

I am suffering from suffering when I am pregnant: the child stays or "flow"

On March 28, netizen "Ai Wenxuan" posted on a wicked network. Last year, the unit’s physical examination, I did not know that I was pregnant and did my chest.When going to Wuhan Hospital for a birth checkup, the doctor said that it was not possible to guarantee whether the child would have problems, but it was not proved to have proved that the chest threatening would cause child deformity. It is recommended to keep it first.

After being known by my mother -in -law, I took turns to preach to "Aiwen" and had to kill the baby.

"For the sake of this (fetal), she had noisy crying. She (mother -in -law) not only comforted me, but also said what crying; what was good for me, timid and afraid of things, not the child who was afraid of the birth of the child had problems., Affect their family. "

"Love Wen" said, fortunately, the son was very healthy. In this year, the mother -in -law was so happy that she was so happy every day. She also called her grandma. I didn’t have a taste in my heart?Now my mother -in -law forgets that, but this thorn is in my heart, I will never forget …

After this article is issued,

Some netizens think it is not a taste,

Elapse for "Love Wensheng"

@小: The mother -in -law is too strong, just listen to the doctor, He Bai forced his wife according to his old concept

@: My mother -in -law owed a daughter -in -law to apologize, so I have to have sincerity, otherwise anyone who is uncomfortable

@: The most needed for family care during pregnancy, not forcibly the family’s request, nor is the family persecution. It is difficult to eliminate the shadow in your heart.

But some netizens think

Mother -in -law is also a kind of kindness

@: Mother -in -law is also kind. The expression is not very good. If the child is affected, it is also the suffering of the family’s life.

@: During pregnancy, her husband should stand up and persuade her mother -in -law to do a good job of dredging both sides.

Many netizens are also confused:

I found pregnancy after taking medicine and chest tablets,

Should children stay?

The reporter learned from the Ganxian Genetics Department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hubei Province that a few cases of the outpatient clinic every day, specifically to consult the fetus "to stay".

Song Jieping, director of the department, introduced that the baby’s fertilized eggs of the baby have not been in bed and started to divide and develop. Therefore, the impact of X -ray examination during this period of time belongs to the effect of the fetus.

In other words, if the baby is affected, then there will be a miscarriage. If there is no signs of miscarriage, then X -rays have no effect on the fetus.

If pregnant women do not have a miscarriage in the early pregnancy, it means that the baby is not affected by X -ray, and there is no need to worry about the baby’s organs development.

Medication rabies vaccine

Does it affect your baby?

The reporter also learned that those who went to the clinic were mostly taken medicines. A few pregnant women who were injured by pets during pregnancy and had to be a rabies vaccine.

The 25 -year -old Xiao Xu was injured by a neighbor’s cat in three weeks of pregnancy and injected the rabies vaccine.But in the past two months, I have been uneasy. I don’t know if the baby should stay and can you stay?In case of a problem, the family will be sad in the future.

In this regard, Song Jieping explained that the rabies vaccine has long been confirmed that it has no impact on the fetus, so there is no need to worry about this.As for drugs, do not take medicines such as Libaweilin.

"In fact, it will cause fetal malformations, mainly to see if the time of drugs is in the sensitive period of drug teratogenic."

Song Jieping told reporters that, in general, taking medicine within 30 days of pregnancy generally does not cause fetal malformation.If you are worried that certain drugs will affect the health of the fetus, it is recommended to go to the hospital for consultation and examination after determining the name of the drug and taking the dose.

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