Detailed explanation of the sow’s vaccine before and after pregnancy, have you done right?Bad influence

How do sows get vaccine before and after pregnancy? When do some vaccines be appropriate? Recently, many pig friends are not very clear about these. Today, I will give you a little knowledge in this area!

1. Ready

It is best to complete the immunity within 1 to 3 months before the estrus breaking. Do not immune to the estrus period, because the vaccine response may affect the estrus, such as delaying the estrus period.

Note: Do not do any immunity during the entire pregnancy, because whether the vaccine will have an impact on the fetus. It is often unclear. If there is a vaccine that you have to do, it is best to test a few heads first, and then apply it without adverse reactions.

Second, sow

01. Sowing is about 20 days during breastfeeding, and the peak of breastfeeding has passed. This is a better time for immune vaccines. If you miss this time, you can be immune after weaning.

02. Regarding the vaccine made by sows, it is generally necessary to immune to small virus vaccines according to local conditions.

03. Active vaccine every 4-6 months.

04. Plastic sow: Before breeding, swine fever, weak poison vaccine, high pathogenic pork blue ear diseased vaccine; pig fine virus live vaccine; pig pseudo -rabies gene lacks weak poison vaccines.

05. Sowing sow: Before breeding swine fever weak toxic vaccine; highly pathogenic pork blue ear diseased vaccine; 4-6 weeks before giving birth; lack of weak toxic vaccine for pseudo-dog rabies;Two couplet seedlings.

Note: Acestated or threatened areas of encephalitis B, from March to May each year (January to February of mosquito), use type B vaccine for one month to immune twice a month; swine fever, weak toxic vaccine is recommended to use spleen vitality vaccine,Immunity can be selected according to local epidemic conditions.

3. Pregnant sow immune program flow

The immune of pregnant sow should be based on the immune status of animals and the epidemic season of infectious diseases, combined with local epidemic and various vaccines, and reasonably arrange the number of vaccination and interval time, and formulate immune procedures.

01, pig B -type encephalitis

The injection time is from March to April each year, and mosquitoes are not yet activated. The south does not exceed early May, and the north does not exceed late May.Generally, you can take up once. You can supplement inoculation in the early stages of pregnancy, but you must use 2 doses of injection.

02. Pig small virus disease

The injection time is one month before the breeding or at the same time with the type B cerebralitis vaccine. Pay attention that the vaccine must be injected before the breeding and the injection is invalid after breeding.

03, swine fever

After breastfeeding, the muscle injection of swine fever cells or swine fever, swine fever, and sanxia live vaccine is 4 heads. This is the most suitable period of injection of the live vaccine.

Note: The immune vaccination method in the second quarter of the spring and autumn has been adopted, because after the swine fever is injected during pregnancy, the weak poisonous swine fever virus can enter the fetus through the placenta, which can cause the fetus to poison.Newborn pushering pestea fever or detoxifying the outside world to pollute the environment.

04. Pig Dan poison

Occupation twice a year, clinically vaccinated with swine fever at the same time, and can be immunized with a live vaccine.

05, piglet yellow, white diarrhea

Use pig Erobacterium seedlings to give pregnancy sow muscles about 21 days before childbirth. If a pig farm with severe disease can be injected 1 head 21 and 14 days before deliveryEssence

06. Pig red diarrhea disease (also known as C -type Wei’s ritter disease)

The first sow was injected twice, 45 days before childbirth, and 15 days before childbirth.

Note: For sow, if the sow has been injected twice in the previous L and 2 fetuses, it can effectively control the occurrence of this disease as long as it is injected once 15 days before childbirth.

07. Pork Chain Matteria

One month before the application of Pig Chain Bacteria Vaccine Vaccine, 7 days after injection, immunity occurs. It can last for 9 months. It can effectively prevent mammary piglets and prevent sow mountyl disease.

08, pig pseudo rabies disease

Before or before or before pregnancy, the occurrence of abortion, premature birth, death, and mummy caused by abortion, premature birth, dead tires, and mummy caused by infected pseudo -rabies virus.(For example, in order to prevent the incidence of breastfeeding pigs, the muscle can be injected once a month before giving birth. The piglets can get anti-counterfeit rabies immune antibodies from milk for 3-4 weeks).

09. Pork viral diarrhea, infectious gastroenteritis

One month before the sow, the pig’s Houhai acupoint injection, (Houhai acupoint is located in the depression between the anus and the tail), the pig virus diarrhea contagious gastritis oil sapling seedlings, the injection time is from December and March of the following yearIn the cold season, it can effectively prevent sow and breastfeeding pigs (immune antibodies in milk).

10. Pig

Use pig Ⅱ cap disease 3 ml muscle injection twice a year. After the sow is weaned, it will be injected!

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