Diary during pregnancy | Tell me about my childbirth process

I am a treasure mother now, the baby has been born for 20 days!The day of birth is just on the day of the due date. It is said that only 0.05%of the birth on the day of the due date.Fortunately. I want to share my pregnancy here.

At that time, I was pregnant with a baby who discovered it in January and a half. I immediately went to the hospital for examination and confirmed. After the report came out, the doctor said that the progesterone was low. It was possible that the child could not keep it. He exercised less and rest in bed, and went to review every week.After this return home, various methods of checking the ketone on the Internet; soy foods, all kinds of soymilk do not stop, then make up.There is always no big problem.

But how is it possible? In the early stage, folic acid eats less. When the folic acid metabolic examination report made about 13 weeks, I realized that the degree of risk is high risk.The doctor’s suggestion is to continue to eat folic acid and keep eating until the baby is born.The middle doctor said that there are many problems, so I scared what I said.

Folic acid examination report at that time

At the beginning of almost 22 weeks, doctors recommend to let Runkang (a kind of pregnancy nutrient supplement/belong to health products) contains DHA, which can promote the baby’s intellectual development.I guess I didn’t eat many boxes.It was not normal to find that the back of the right ventricle was 9.7mm wide until the B -ultrasound. Once it exceeded 1 cm, it was abnormal.If the width of the back corner of the right brain chamber reaches a certain width, there is a risk of hydrocephalus ⚠️.The doctor said very seriously.Pregnant mothers, Mi Meng must pay attention to this situation.

B -ultrasound

In the end of pregnancy, I went to the hospital for review every two weeks. Ferry heart monitoring and umbilical blood flow were basically necessary to check each time.Fortunately, the baby is awesome.

By 39 weeks and 6 days, I was still afraid that my child would stay in the class, staying in my mother’s stomach, and didn’t rush out. As a result, I saw the red in the afternoon. I hurriedly ran to the hospital for an emergency consultation. The doctor prescribed a list for examination.In terms of contraction, there are no symptoms, and the doctor finally said that he didn’t see much, and went back to see the situation first.What happened again.This walks home again.

40 weeks after the sky, I felt broken in the morning, and I was involuntarily flowing like urine. This even more panicked to go to the hospital for hospitalization procedures.The doctor was checked in the internal examination, and it hurts. Check the palace mouth.I couldn’t stand the pain on the bed.The pubic pain, the back of the back pain.Tears have always flowed only to grit their teeth.At that time, I couldn’t help anyone. I couldn’t help it. After 11 o’clock in the morning, I had been in pain after admission procedures, and I pushed me into the delivery room until 3 pm.Continue this pain.All kinds of emotions do not say one by one during the period.Finally, the baby was willing to come out at 8:13 pm.I finally survived.Fortunately, a little prince was born.7.1 catties is very fat.After the birth, the birth help will hold the baby to the mother’s belly lying down to let the mother feel the mother.After looking at the hospital for two days, I was discharged by my baby!The family is very happy.

my family

But always pregnancy is a long -distance running road, insisting on eight pregnant mothers.There will be a lot of problems on the road, let’s solve it.[Lingguang Flash]

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