Dinner like this, keep you thin!

According to the popular science China, it has reached the season of exposure!At this time, many people will ask questions such as how to eat breakfast and what to eat for dinner.

Given that dinner is a very important meal for weight loss, today we will give you some small Tips that can be practiced.

Let’s talk about why dinner?

First of all, breakfast determines your work/learning ability one morning, helping you to focus more on this day’s most difficult work to complete the time.Friends who do not eat breakfast, in addition to inconsistent attention and easy to make mistakes, may also be due to the overnight and one morning on an empty stomach, which leads to excessive lunch, which is not conducive to weight control, but also makes the stomach "boring".In addition, if you eat breakfast, you can eat it, but it ’s just those choices.For lunch, unless there is a banquet, the work meal or takeaway or takeaway, whether it is a selected range, cost accounting, or a meal time, it determines that it is impossible to eat wildly.Of course, if you do n’t eat breakfast, from one step from the next day to today ’s lunch, then your lunch intake is likely to exceed the normal“ breakfast+lunch ”combination, unless you are restrained.

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Even if breakfast and lunch calorie intake is a bit much, in view of the task of work, studying or even running legs after two meals, it can help us consume a lot of calories for eating.Therefore, the risk of our long meat is not so great, unless you do n’t do anything except you lie down two meals … Dinner is different.The most relaxed meal of the day, the range of choice is very large, allowing the self -filling time is very rich. In addition, it is finally his own "sage time", which often disappears with mobile phones or hot dramas.Unconsciously, you can get the calories of seven or eight hundred calories.This has not been counted as going out to the game. The drinks and drinks are together, and the calories intake exceeds the standard.After eating, most people can’t persuade themselves to go out for a hundred steps, let alone sports!Life has been so difficult, and the human body from the evolutionary biological clock thousands of years ago was not pity for us half.As long as dinner, as long as you eat it late, the small bacteria from the brain command to the stomach will do things with us: the chaotic secretion of various hormones, the cluster of the flora, etc., will let us "lie down on the mattergun".

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Some time ago, a study published in the "Nature Communications" published in the "Nature Communications" gave a conclusion: it also restricted to eat within 8 hours (everyone may have heard 16: 16:8 Lightly eaten). Compared with not eating breakfast group, not eating the dinner group will help improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood glucose, weight loss and reduce fat, anti -inflammatory, and increase the diversity of intestinal microorganisms, which is conducive to the intestineHealth.Why also eat less meals, not having dinner is more helpful than not having breakfast to rescue the trouble of being fat?Concord scholars believe that the original biological clock of the human body may play a powerful role!The blood sugar, lipids and energy metabolism of our bodies will be regulated by the biological clocks in the body, and will rise and fall in the day, rather than static.Insulin sensitivity is the highest in the early morning. At this time, the islet β cells have the fastest response, and the thermal effect of food (the phenomenon of increasing energy consumption due to eating) is the most vigorous.Some previous animals and crowd research conclusions also reminded that eating too late for dinner is too late and or too abundant (especially food fat content), which will greatly reduce insulin sensitivity, interfere with the balance of intestinal microorganisms, increase body fat to increase body fatHard hoarding.Coupled with the "lying flat" I mentioned earlier, I can’t get the calories. How can I not get fat?Therefore, it is not unreasonable to make a sunrise, the sunset, and "eating less late".

How to arrange dinner to help lose weight

Can you avoid being hungry?


At four o’clock in the afternoon, add meals to fight before

Even if you have finished lunch at 1 pm, it will be almost emptied from the stomach until 4 o’clock.While there is no particularly strong hunger, add some ingredients to the stomach first, so that the brain realizes that it is caring, and it can effectively avoid the meals until six or seven o’clock.increase.The calories are not high, high nutritional density, slow blood sugar speed, and a small amount of food that can make a long -lasting "food in the belly".For example, 200 ~ 250 ml of milk, 150 ml of low sugar/sugar -free yogurt, 1 medium -sized fruit, a small handle nut, an oats yogurt cup, a sushi hand roll, a cooking egg, one or two beef jerky, etc.Essence


Eat dinner as soon as possible to avoid dinner "supper"

The correlation between the body’s biological clock, hormone level and dinner time has been explained earlier.Therefore, it is possible to eat dinner early and never delay it deliberately.Try not to eat anything after 8 pm!


Keep in mind the order of "less meat"

Compared to eating staple foods when you come up, eat food first, then eat meat, eggs and fish, etc., and finally eat staple food, you can better help you feel full early and always feel full, not to eat too much for this meal and next mealmany.This method is particularly effective for the "carbo water lovers" who always eat over the staple food.

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Don’t eat sweets!Don’t drink fat houses happy water!

Think about the pants or skirts that can’t be buckled in the wardrobe, and silently told myself: I don’t like sweets, and I don’t let my brain be confused by sweets.


Eat enough vegetables

①Apotatical vegetables are counted as half a amount of staple food, so don’t eat too much

② Put less cooking, otherwise vegetables will also become a good helper

If you eat raw salads, use only oil and vinegar sauce as much as possible, and one spoonful is enough.Be careful of Japanese -style sesame salad sauce, thousands of island sauce, egg yolk sauce and other fat content and adding sugar with a high amount of invisible calories.


Must eat protein

There are some friends who dare not eat meat, eggs, fish and shrimp, etc., and only eat "grass". As a result, it is easy to be hungry at nine o’clock in the evening, causing crazy to turn the refrigerator or poke the mobile phone takeaway software.Isn’t it actually to make dietary fiber increased?That’s right!However, an appropriate amount of protein can make your stomach empty time slower, hungry before bedtime, and less feeling in your heart.The light dinner does not mean the vegan.As long as you choose foods such as thin meat, peeled chicken/duck, fish/shrimp, tofu, or eggs, which are relatively small and high -protein content, the amount of food is controlled by the palm size, which should be reasonable and should be.After a day of tiredness, the body and soul need a little comfort. Losing weight does not mean to sacrifice the comfort of all habits.What’s more, your breakfast may not have enough protein you need for a day, and eating some dinner can just make up for the shortcomings.


Just eat 7 ~ 80 % full

How to grasp this degree?Let’s put it this way, if you eat and reach your throat as full of full, then 70 % full is probably the satiety that your eating speed has been significantly slowly.At this point, if you stand up and go to the kitchen to pick up a cup of water, you will find that you seem to have a sense of satisfaction.This means that you can stop chopsticks.


Tips for staple food lovers

① Replace the rice with rice with brown rice, or at least half of the brown rice;

② The steamed buns are replaced with whole wheat steamed buns, and noodles are replaced with noodles;

③ At least the amount of one fist.If you are not a master but a lot, then eat the amount of 1/2 ~ 2/3 of your fist;

④ Those who want to replace the rice noodles with corn, yes!A corn is fine.You can also replace it with sweet potatoes. A medium -sized sweet potato is enough. Never a huge;

⑤ According to the order of eating mentioned earlier.


A glass of water+30 minutes

If you can’t do it above, then you can at least come to a cup of warm water, and the meal time is extended to 30 minutes. Each bite is fully chewed enough to be thin enough before swallowing.Of course, you can also choose "fake dinner" with low calories such as konjac noodles or meals, but I really think it is difficult for you to eat them every night.After all, the fireworks of the world are your last harbor ~

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