Do I have to get a marriage certificate for a marriage certificate?

When we got married, he also determined our marriage relationship before he decided to get a certificate.Because we will get a certificate, we will not regret it again, we must hope that this life is him.But before we get married, we will have a marriage check when we get married.This pre -marital examination is mainly to test whether both men and women have this physical problem, or there are some fertility problems.So today I will tell you about the marriage check before marriage.

1. Do you have to get a marriage certificate for a marriage certificate?

There is no need to get a marriage certificate for a wedding certificate. At present, my country has registered for marriage and has canceled the mandatory marriage inspection.

The old regulations stipulate that at the place where marriage inspections are implemented, the parties to apply for marriage must go to the designated healthcare institution for inspection and submit an inspection certificate to the marriage registration authority.During the implementation of the marriage inspection system, due to the "medical disease that should not be married" stipulated in the marriage law, it has not been clear, which brings two problems.

First, the results of the marriage registration authority cannot determine whether the parties have diseases that should not be married and register for registration according to the results of inspections issued by the marriage inspection agency.

The second is that because the inspection is not targeted, this causes problems with many inspection items and high fees during the marriage inspection. The masses have strong reports.Therefore, in the case of medical treatment, the disease that should not be married has not yet been clear, and it is not advisable to take the pre -marital medical examination certificate as a necessary condition for marriage registration.If the marriage parties consider the health of both parties, they can go to the hospital to check their bodies voluntarily.

2. Do I need a marriage check for a marriage certificate?

Although the current Regulations on Marriage Management have canceled the compulsory requirements for marriage inspections, it has become an autonomous form.However, marriage checkups are still necessary, especially some diseases such as genetic diseases, infectious diseases, and inability to fertility affect the quality of marriage. Only by conducting a marriage inspection can we truly understand and choose marriage freely.

Marriage registration is an effective procedure for marriage, and the wedding ceremony cannot be replaced.At the same time, you have to remind you that you must go to a regular hospital for a pre -marital examination before registration to receive pre -marital guidance from the doctor.This is the first step towards eugenics, and it is also a comprehensive and systematic health inspection, which is good and harmless.

Pre -marital medical examination is different from conventional medical examinations.Pre -marital medical examination is only part of pre -marital health services, as well as pre -marital hygiene guidance and consultation.Internal medicine examinations in pre -marital medical examinations mainly include inquiries and physical examinations, as well as conventional auxiliary examinations and other special examinations.

The marriage examination is different from general medical examinations, but also not just gynecological examinations.The marriage examination is a medical examination that is mainly affecting the marriage and childbirth. The project and the inspection items are determined according to the doctor’s suggestion and your willingness. These inspections will be helpful to you.If some inspection items are checked in genitals, they must also get the consent of both of you. Doctors will neither forced or barely. The hospital and doctors will keep your examination results confidential.

Marriage checks are also a comprehensive reproductive health consultation service. In addition to physical examinations, you can also get necessary pre -marital health knowledge and pre -marital consultation. These services are free.You can make doubts about the problems encountered in the wedding check or where you don’t understand, and the doctor will definitely give you a clear answer.Worries, fear, awkwardness and other concerns are unnecessary.

3. Marriage inspection project

1. Diagnosis of hepatitis and liver injury diagnosis of liver function (two pairs and a half).If the mother is a patient with a viral hepatitis, she does not find it in time, and it will cause very serious consequences after pregnancy, premature birth, and even newborn death.Hepatitis virus can also spread vertically to children.

2. Blood routine (blood type) early detection of blood system diseases such as anemia, because if the mother is anemia, not only complications such as postpartum hemorrhage, puerperidal infection, etc., but also affect the baby and bring a series of impacts on the baby, such as infection with infection, which is susceptible to infection., Decreased resistance, backward growth and development.

3. Urine routine helps early diagnosis of kidney disease.The ten -month pregnancy is a huge test for the mother’s kidney system. The increase in body metabolism will increase the burden on the kidneys.

4. Diagnosis of routine digestive system diseases and parasitic infections, such as toxoplasma infections, if not detected early, it will cause serious consequences such as miscarriage and fetal malformations.

5. Gynecological endocrine diagnosis such as irregular menstruation, such as women with ovarian tumors, even if the tumor is benign, it often affects the observation of tumors due to the increase of the uterus after pregnancy.Essence

6. Infection of titherol, mold, and bacteria in routine leucorrhea. If you have sexually transmitted diseases, it is best to treat it thoroughly first, and then get pregnant.Otherwise, it will cause danger of abortion, premature birth, and premature fetal membrane.

7. Diagnosis of lung disease in the chest perspective/photographic tuberculosis.After pregnancy with tuberculosis, the treatment of treatment drugs will be limited and the treatment will be affected.Moreover, activity tuberculosis often aggravates the condition due to postpartum fatigue, and is in danger of being transmitted to the child.

8. Early detection of chromosomal detection of genetic diseases and infertility and infertility in Terri syndrome.

9. The whole body checkered systemic examination and fertility ability assessment.

To a certain extent, the marriage inspection should be taken seriously instead of giving up.There is still a certain necessity for marriage inspections. In order to be happy and healthy in the future, please bring your lover to the hospital for a wedding test.Lawyer 365 organizes this article for you, hoping to provide you with some help.

After watching the content of the editor shared the content of the marriage check before marriage, everyone should also feel that some items to be experienced on the wedding check -up will be prepared for it.Marriage inspection is not a very terrible thing, and he is also a more important project to get a marriage inspection, because after all, it is necessary to live together in the future. Before that, it is also responsible for the two parties.It is also a responsibility to two families.Well, here is here today.

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