Do I have to get rid of the child when I am pregnant?Don’t worry, listen to what the doctor says

A new study shows that people taking antidepressants during pregnancy may cause their children to be in danger of autism."British Medical Magazine"

Moms with depression in our country rarely receive attention. Even if she knows that there is a problem with her spirit, they rarely use drugs to treat them, and they will tend to talk to their girlfriends.Moms living in the city may pay more attention to depression, and they will choose to take antidepressants or look at a psychologist.

Researchers at the University of Bristol of the University of Briste found that women take contraceptives during pregnancy and have a chance to suffer from autism children.

But this absolute risk is still very small, from 2.9 children to 4.1 children.

Many mothers inadvertently used some drugs during pregnancy, and they were worried that they would cause problems in the baby, so they often chose to flow.Dr. Tian said that in fact, we should evaluate risks and income on such probability.Many times the income is greater than the risk, we can choose to give birth to the child.He also pointed out that life is full of risks, but usually we will continue to move forward by default than risks.For example, children eating fish will have the risk of "fishbone stuck throat", which will even cause death.However, at this probability, we throw it to support children to eat fish. Eating fish can add more nutrition, and let children learn how to spit fish bones.

In the UK, as many as 8%of pregnant women take antidepressants during pregnancy, about 700,000 pregnant women each year.

Dr. Christoph Lees, a clinical reader from the Empires of London, added that if there is a causal relationship between antidepressants and autism, this is a very gentle relationship.

In other words, this study has raised important problems, but it does not prove that antidepressant drugs can lead to autism children.

If a mother with depression can not get appropriate treatment, I think it may be even greater than taking antidepressant drugs.

Nevertheless, in order to avoid the baby in the stomach from receiving harm, we should respect prevention.Careful medication during pregnancy and consulting doctors’ opinions. If you are unfortunately pregnant during the medication, you don’t have to worry too much.Consult the doctor’s opinion and let the doctor do a risk assessment. How much the probability can ensure the health of the child, rather than a hasty abortion surgery.

Zhu Baoma is pregnant and healthy.

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