Do not get pregnant in vitro?Woman, don’t let these contraceptive rumors hurt yourself!

Have you heard these claims about contraception:

Do n’t you get pregnant during safety during safety?

Do you not get pregnant in vitro?

Emergency contraceptives, one afterwards?

Do n’t you get pregnant without menstruation during lactation?

Is this "folk statement" about contraception really reliable?

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September 26 is "World Contradicance Day".The Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital carried out a series of contraceptive days activities on the theme of "contraception, the highest courtesy!", And many consultants at the scene mentioned these hearing contraceptive methods.

At the event site, experts told everyone that do not blindly choose contraceptive measures for "circulating". Only by taking science and effective ways of contraception can we reduce the damage to the body by accidental pregnancy.

According to statistics, the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital has nearly 4,000 pedestrian flow surgery from January to August this year, basically because of unexpected pregnancy to perform surgery.

Some of them have done many abortion, some of them have two history of abortion surgery within half a year, and they are within half a year after the cesarean section.

In the Fourth Division of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province, many women who came to the large -month output during breastfeeding were also treated.

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After 7 months of cesarean delivery, Ms. He felt that the abdomen increased. When she went to the hospital for examination, she found that she had been pregnant for more than 5 months.

"How can I get pregnant without menstruation during breastfeeding?" Chief physician Cheng said that mothers who were pregnant during breastfeeding often asked like this.

After inquiring, I found that these breastfeeding mothers generally have a large misunderstanding. Many of them think that it is not pregnant without menstruation and breastfeeding.

Therefore, there is no contraceptive method after delivery, and even if there are contraceptives, it is unclear how to contraception after delivery.

It wasn’t until the clinic that everyone really learned what was scientific contraception and understood why they were pregnant unexpectedly.

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But the damage caused by accidental pregnancy may already exist.

The uterus is like watermelon. Artificial abortion is to pry open watermelon into the inside with metal equipment, scrape away and absorb watermelon cricket -germ.

These operations may leave an indelible brand on the watermelon skin such as endometrial damage, and may also wear watermelon skin to cause uterine perforation.

Once injured, diseases such as abnormal menstruation, abdominal pain, abortion, and even infertility may take root in the uterus.

How can it be scientific, safe and effective contraception?

Chief Physician Cheng introduced that oral compound short -acting contraceptives, placing in -palace scholarships, proper use of condoms, buried contraceptives, injection long -acting contraceptives, and sterilization techniques are all efficient contraceptive methods.

Everyone chose its appropriate efficient contraception after consulting physicians according to their fertility requirements.

At the same time, the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital also opened the contraceptive consultation hotline 84332232. Welcome friends in need for telephone consultation.

Hunan Medical Chat Special Author: Liu Li, Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Hunan Province

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