Do not have a lot of mouth after pregnancy, only these 7 types of food can not be eaten.

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Come out for dinner with a good friend Xiaomei. She is now pregnant for three months. She wants to celebrate her happy events. She came out of a meal with a few good friends.Let Xiaomei eat a meal, but after Xiaomei came, she said that she did not eat these now. Xiaomei ate some vegetables and fruits throughout the process. It was really embarrassed to make our good friends, and alsoI am surprised. Is there really so much things that can’t be eaten during pregnancy?

After I got home, I thought and thought about it. I asked my sister who worked in the obstetrics of the hospital. What are the taboos of pregnant women? Sister said that there are not so many. Many people like to check online.Trivest, eating that is not conducive to the development of the fetus, even the hawthorn and watermelon we usually eat cannot be eaten, but there are not so many things that cannot be eaten.

I can eat more after pregnancy. Many taboos have no scientific basis. You must not eat it. Only these 7 kinds of food

1. Unde -cooked eggs

Eggs are recognized as nutritious foods in our lives, and they are very convenient and delicious when cooking, so everyone will have a lot of eggs at home. When you don’t want to cook more, you can take out a fried egg or something.It’s dish.Including pregnant women, there are many benefits to the body if no pregnant women eat an egg, because eggs can provide high -quality protein, vitamins, and some trace elements, but some pregnant women think that the heartbeat eggs are more nutritious. Pay attention here!Do not eat unfamiliar eggs!

Unkind eggs are likely to be infected with Salmonella. Our normal people may be sick, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., let’s not matter what happens?Some ice cream, egg yolk sauce, etc. will also contain half -cooked eggs, and pregnant women cannot eat these things. Unless these foods marked Bashi sterilization, when buying eggs, pay attention to the production date of the eggs. Do not do it at one time.Buy too much, so as not to put it in the refrigerator for too long, I do n’t know. I would rather run a few more trips in diligence, and do n’t eat deteriorating eggs.

2. Cooking sashimi

Most people like to eat Japanese ingredients. The inevitable sashimi and sandwiches are inevitable in Japanese materials, but women should try to reduce the intake of these foods after pregnancy, and even do not eat it!Because raw fish fillets, raw beef and other unfamiliar foods and seafood are likely to produce original microorganisms, parasites, etc., threatening the health of the mother and fetus.

The meat foods used by pregnant women must ensure that the meat is heated to sufficient temperature. For example, the meat must be heated to at least 145 ° to be safe.Only to eat, so as not to harm the health of pregnant women.

3, deep sea fish

Fish is also a food with a high nutritional content. Many families have a saying that "eating fish will become smart", and the taste of fish is also very good, so many people like to eat fish, including pregnant women.Pregnant women can eat fish and unsaturated fatty acids, but one thing to pay attention to is not to eat fish with high mercury!

Deep sea fish generally contains high mercury. For example, sharks, swordfish, horse head fish, and king catfish. These four types of fish belong to deep -sea fish. The body of these fish contains high mercury content and is not suitable for pregnant women.If the mercury content is too high into the body, it will damage the human nervous system.

4. Undurable dairy products

Many pregnant mothers think that they have to supplement nutrition when they are pregnant, and they have to drink milk every day, and they think that the milk produced by their own dairy cows is the most natural and healthy, and even spend high prices to buy milk directly produced milk, but they all ignore a little bit a little bit.That is, these dairy products have not undergone sufficient high temperature disinfection and sterilization. After reference, pregnant women are likely to cause bacterial infections and even adverse consequences such as abortion.

Dairy products are also very nutritious foods. It contains calcium, protein and vitamins that can promote the development of bones, teeth and nervous systems of the baby, but must avoid raw milk and other dairy products.See if the label is sterilized or disinfected by Pakistan.

5. Contains alcohol drinks

Wine is a good thing, which can be paralyzed by the nerves of the human being excited and excited in a short time, but pregnant women must remember that alcoholic drinks cannot be touched by pregnant women!It is not recommended to drink alcoholic drinks during pregnancy or pregnancy, because the impact of alcoholic beverages on the fetus is very large, and it may cause fetal alcohol poisoning in time.Studies have shown that alcohol can cause malformations to the fetus.

6. Machined meat

Some processed meats, such as ham, turkey, smoked chicken, sausage, braised pork, etc., are very fragrant. They are very delicious and even buy them as snacks, but they may contain LiszerPregnant women must not buy such foods.

Liszto has a strong survivability. It can also survive under high temperature disinfection in time. For most healthy and strong adults, this bacteria will not have much response, but for pregnant women, it is for pregnant women.There will be a lot of risks, so the meat that pregnant women eat must be heated to 165 ° in order to kill Listius.

7. Coffee drinks

Coffee, I believe it is the habit of many modern people. I usually drink a cup of refreshing when I am tired of going to work. I drink a glass of tea with my younger sisters. When talking about a drink, coffee seems to have become a boiled water for modern people. Many people say that many people sayPregnant women can drink coffee, because drinking coffee is the same as drinking tea. Some people say that they ca n’t drink coffee, but in fact, pregnant women can drink coffee!

Pregnant women can drink coffee, but it should be noted that the amount of coffee should be controlled. As long as the caffeine consumed per day is less than 200 mg, it is still very safe. If it is higher than this value, the chance of abortion will be higher than others.Doubles to reach nearly 25%, and the pregnant woman cannot drink coffee some time before pregnancy and the first three months of pregnancy, because caffeine can hinder the flow of the blood in the pregnant woman’s body to the placenta, and then it will adversely affect the fetal development. In the endIt will cause abortion.

There are many things that we can’t eat when pregnant, but we need to treat things that pregnant women cannot eat correctly, and at the same time, we must balance nutrition, and we cannot pick eaters to eat, so that the baby born is cute and healthy!

Parenting has an attitude: Make parenting relaxed and make raising more calm.

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