Do not ignore the reproductive tract UU infection in infertility

The incidence of reproductive tract infections, especially UU infections in infertility couples is significantly higher than normal people. UU infection has different degrees of impact on all parts of the reproductive tract and all aspects of fertility, which can cause reproductive tract inflammation and inflammation andImmune damage.It mainly affects the quality of semen in men, and women mainly affect the fluctuations and the combination of sperm eggs in women.

Studies have found that the difference between the amount of semen and sperm survival of UU infection is not significant, but the sperm liquefaction has a long time, the sperm malformation rate is rising, and the vitality decreases.The speed and direction of linear movement are significantly reduced.

UU’s pathogenic mechanism to men:

(1) Directly damage the host cells: UU can go up along the male urogenic tract, adheres to the genital tract cells such as vasters, epididymal tube, prostate, seminal vesicles, and other genital tract cells. The phospholipase on the surface of the UU surface can damage the cell membrane of the host and affect the organism of the membrane.Synthetic and immune function.

(2) Impact on sperm (including the number of sperm, form and function):

The UU causes the inflammation of the reproductive tract while destroying the sperm’s living environment, thereby reducing the vitality of the sperm. When the inflammation is severe, pipeline obstruction can be caused:

When it invades the testicular sperm tube, it can destroy the sperm cells, affect the process of decomposition and division, hinder the occurrence and maturity of sperm, or start the mechanism of ejaculation apoptosis, thereby reducing the number of sperm;

When the UU adsorbs sperm, it can change sperm curls and swelling, resulting in increased sperm malformation rate; the toxic composition and metabolic products of the mycoplasma may cause damage to the sperm, reduce the vitality of the sperm, reduce the activity rate, and have weak sperm symptoms;

In the process of fertilization, if UU adsorbs the sperm surface and produces neuropine -like substances, it will affect the penetration of sperm to egg cells and hinder sperm recognition and fusion.

(3) Secondary immune damage: inflammation can destroy blood test barrier and stimulate itself to produce antibody antibodies (asab).ASAB can condense and brake sperm, and when it is deposited on the base membrane of fine sperm tubes, it will affect the sperm function of the testicular sperm, the metabolic activation of sperm, and the transmission process of the sperm, which will cause less or the spermSperm -free; it also helps the combination of sperm and macrophages to promote sperm killing.

The impact of UU on female reproductive tract

UUs that adhere to the endometrium of the fallopian tube will degenerate the ciliac and secretion cells. Its metabolites can cause necrosis of mucous cells, the tubal cilium exercise stagnate, and even the cilia falling, fibrous scar formation causes narrowing and occlusion of the lumen.Continuously existing inflammation can cause adhesion or occlusion of the tackling lumen or umbrella end.The inflammatory exudate storage can form a fallopian pus. After the pus is gradually absorbed, the slurry material accumulates in the lumen and can cause the fallopian tube accumulation.

Pelvic inflammation can also adhere to the fallopian tube and the surrounding organs, hindering the peristalsis of fallopian tubes, affecting the transportation of eggs and fertilized eggs, and infertility or fallopian tube pregnancy.

The impact of UU on women’s immune function

UU -induced perverted reactions and autoimmune are also influencing factor of female infertility. UUs can stimulate the body to produce autoimmune antibodies such as ASAB, antibody endometrial antibody (EMAB).

Women’s reproductive tract has barrier effects. Semen belongs to the same type of foreign antigen, and generally does not directly contact the female immune system in the body.In the reproductive tract mucosal injury, menstrual period and endometritis, the physiological barrier is destroyed, which can cause women to produce ASAB, interfere with sperm penetration of cervical mucus, accelerate the removal of sperm in the female reproductive tract, interfere with sperm obtained and top body responseTherefore, it hinders the combination of sperm and eggs and fertilized eggs to bed, interfere with the growth and development of the bed embryo sac; UU can induce itself to produce EMAB when causing endometritisCauses endometrial immune damage, which is not conducive to the transportation of sperm and eggs and embryo beds, causing uterine and fallopian tube adhesion, and poor uterine activity.

Female UU infection can also make sperm brake or death entering the reproductive tract. After pregnancy, there is still risk of invasion of fetal dysplasia, embryo stopping, miscarriage, abnormal tires, premature birth, premature birth, and other risks.

In summary, as an important influencing factor of reproductive health, UUs often have no obvious symptoms, but when fertility testing is positive, it should still be actively treated to improve the power of fertility, reduce fetal malformations and adverse pregnancy rates.Personally, it is believed that long -term infertility should pay more attention to infection.

This article is Jiang Ping, Deputy Director of the Reproductive Medicine Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, compiled the WeChat public account of "Xiao Lai Mei Pregnancy".

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