Do not rub the four parts of these 4 parts during pregnancy, it will hurt the baby, and the pregnant mother must remember to take a bath

After her friend Guo Guo was pregnant, she was careful to do everything, and she was worried that she accidentally slipped when she took a bath. She also bought a non -slip mat and paved in the bathroom.Yesterday, she suddenly found that the color of the abdomen and navel was darker. She was very puzzled and asked if I would have an impact on the fetus.In fact, it is normal for some parts of the body to turn black during pregnancy, which is caused by changes in hormones in the body. Don’t worry.However, when the pregnant mother takes a bath, these parts cannot be randomly touched, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus.

Private part

After pregnancy, the secretions of many pregnant women will increase, and sometimes there will be unpleasant odors, so it is really necessary to clean the private parts.However, it is best to rinse with water when cleaning, and try to use a cleaner as little as possible.It is also best to take a shower when taking a bath, so as not to take a bath, so as to avoid infection.After taking a shower, wear underwear after drying, so as to avoid itching.


White secretions will appear in the nipple during pregnancy. It is the milk residue flowing out of the breast, and the mother will rub it hard. This is incorrect. The pregnant mother should gently wash the nipples when taking a bath.Do not stimulate the nipples too much, not suitable for rubbing the breasts and nipples hard, it will cause contractions, contractions can cause bleeding, as well as fetal premature birth!

Pregnant belly

When you take a bath, you need to pay attention to your stomach, because once it is damaged here, it will directly affect the baby’s health.When rinse the stomach with water, you must not rinse directly at the abdomen with too hot water, and you cannot open the water too quickly, and the amount of water is too large, so it is easy to put greater pressure on the stomach.And it is not advisable to scrub the belly with a towel, which is also easy to compress the baby.The correct method should be cleaned from top to bottom with a small amount of water with moderate temperature, which is safer and soothing.Protecting the pregnant belly is to protect the baby indirectly, so pay special attention when taking a bath.

belly button

The navel is sensitive and fragile for us. Some pregnant mothers think that the belly button is dark and seems to be hidden in dirt. Although it looks uncomfortable, do not rub it hard, let alone pull it with your hands, or use the shower head to pair it.When rinse, the baby will feel uncomfortable, and it may cause inflammation or infection!

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