Do n’t care about “frequent urination” during pregnancy. If you accidentally make mistakes, do 4 o’clock, go to the toilet and sleep more

Frequent urination can be said to be standard for pregnancy. Almost all pregnant mothers have frequent urination after pregnancy, but there is no way to take it. It is really love and hate.

Recall that when I was pregnant, I was tortured by frequent urination. At that time, it was winter, and the north wind was blowing. Because of the pregnancy, I went to bed early because of pregnancy.Hurry up and run the bathroom and strive to return to the warm quilt quickly. Well, because of the pubic pain, I will not go fast. When I return to the bed to warm the bed again, I feel that the toilet is summoning me again …

What does it mean a small amount?I know once in pregnancy!

At that time, I chatted with several pregnant mothers in the same city. They all said that there were too many times to go to the toilet, so they couldn’t sleep well, the more they could not sleep, and the more the number of times went to the toilet.They were drowsy, and then they were more exaggerated than me. They felt far away when they went to the bathroom. Just put a small bucket in the room and solved it. I just think this is really a good way, spray it lightly [cover your face].

Although frequent urination is not a good thing, it is really normal during pregnancy.Because the uterine enlargement of the bladder

The main reason for frequent urination during pregnancy is caused by increasing the uterus and compressing bladder.

In the pelvic cavity, there is a "sandwich biscuits". Its stuffing is the uterus, the front is the bladder, and the rectum is behind.

However, the uterus will continue to increase after pregnancy. About 3 months of pregnancy, the uterus is about 3 times the size of the previous pregnancy. The most direct impact of the uterine is the bladder and rectum.As long as a little urine is a little urine, pregnant mothers want to go to the toilet, which is why pregnant mothers are prone to constipation and frequent urination.

However, in the second trimester, because the uterine position moved, the abdominal cavity was ran, and the bladder was liberated. The pregnant mother could feel that the symptoms of frequent urination were relieved, and they no longer had to run into the toilet every day.

However, the good times are not long. In order to facilitate the fetal delivery after the third trimester, the fetal head will continue to decline, the bladder will be burdening, and the frequent urination will occur again.

Because psychological pressure is too large

Some pregnant mothers are caused by excessive psychological pressure after uterine compression.

It is because under the action of hormones after pregnancy, pregnant mothers have changed greatly in both physiological and psychological, worrying that if you do n’t eat well, you will cause malnutrition of the fetus.Nympho

Various psychology hints that it has increased a lot of pressure to pregnant mothers to frequent frequent urination.

Because of urethral infection

After pregnancy, the secretions of pregnant mothers will become more, and the urethral opening is relatively moist, which is more conducive to the breeding of bacteria. If the pregnant mother usually drinks less water, the amount of urination is relatively small, the urethral can not be cleaned in time, or the urination is not urinating due to the fact that the fetus compression causes the urination.Smooth, etc. can cause urethral infections.

If the pregnant mother goes to the toilet, if there is a pain, or the urine is red, turbid, I still feel that there are abnormal conditions such as no cleaning after the discharge.

Although the frequent urination of pregnant women is a normal physiological phenomenon, pregnant mothers will also affect sleep because of frequent urination. It is even like the above. I can’t sleep because of frequent urination.It has not only affected the mental state of pregnant mothers in the past, but also affects the growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, if it is affected by frequent urination, it is best for pregnant mothers to intervene in time.

1. Don’t drink water because of frequent urination

Some pregnant mothers do not want to go to the toilet, and simply drink less water or not to drink water. They want to use this method to fight frequent urination.

However, if the pregnant mother drinks too little water, the pregnant mother is more likely to be constipated, and other "junk" in the body cannot be discharged. It may also cause less amniotic fluid due to drinking less water.Metabolism.

Therefore, drinking water during pregnancy, drinking water normally, and drinking water correctly.

① Drink water normally.The daily drinking water of pregnant women is about 1000 ~ 1500ml, which can be boiled water, and can also be liquid such as milk and soy milk.

② Drink water correctly.Pregnant mothers do not need to drink too much at a time when drinking water, as much as possible, 100 ~ 200ml each time, and drink every one or two hours.When you get up in the morning, you can drink a little more, add the water that you lose at night appropriately, drink as little as possible at night, and don’t drink it within one to two hours before going to bed.

2. Create urine, do not hold urine

Many people have the habit of urination, but this is a bad habit, because this is equivalent to destroying their bladder.You must know that although the bladder is elastic, the elasticity is also limited. Once it exceeds the limit of the bladder, it is difficult to recover. Just like rubber bands, the original elasticity can no longer be recovered.

In order not to affect the health of the bladder, do not hold urine, especially pregnant women. If the bladder is not elastic, it wo n’t even urinate, and always urinate can also cause urethral infections. When is it treated or treated?

3. Find a way to make yourself sleep comfortably

During pregnancy, it is easy to insomnia, and because the abdomen is getting bigger and bigger, the mothers who sleep on the pregnancy will become more and more restricted, which will cause pregnant mothers to always sleep well.

It is a big problem to sleep well during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can appropriately add some auxiliary things to make themselves sleep better. For example, buy a good -looking pregnant woman’s pillow, read their favorite books, and listen to their favorite music.

I don’t always feel like I want to go to the toilet when I sleep.

4. Reject anxiety, soothing emotions

Pregnancy is a happy thing, and the body of the pregnant mother will also have some strange but normal phenomena. Pregnant mothers should accept it frankly, adjust themselves, refuse anxiety, and avoid frequent urination caused by mental nervousness.

Talk to your friends more, bubble your feet or drink cup of milk before going to bed can relieve anxiety, so try it.

In general, frequent urination during pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon. Generally, the uterus is caused by increasing uterus. Pregnant mothers do not need to be as easy to deal with as much as possible, and it is difficult, and it will pass when the baby is born.

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