Do n’t worry about radiation when playing mobile phones during pregnancy, but they will also “hurt their fetus”. Pregnant mothers should try to restrain

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Lao Miao had a friend who found himself pregnant some time ago. This was the first child of the young couple, so when he learned that when he was pregnant, his friends were very happy. They often communicated with us in the WeChat group.In the future, let the children think of any school, and my friend’s happy mood is also infected with us, causing us not to wait to see the baby quickly.But it is confusing that friends who were very active in the WeChat group suddenly seemed to have disappeared. Basically, I didn’t speak much. Lao Miao thought something was going on, so I called and contacted. As a result, listened to it.After coming to a friend’s statement, she couldn’t help crying. She said, "I saw it online some time ago. Playing mobile phones during pregnancy will cause the baby to radiate mobile phones to hurt the baby, which may even cause the baby to develop deformity, and I dare not play."

In fact, I believe that many pregnant mothers will worry about this, but modern life is inseparable from mobile phones, so it may cause many pregnant mothers to tremble when they use their mobile phones, and they are afraid of hurting the baby in the belly.But is there such a great power of mobile phone radiation?Today, Lao Miao is here to talk to you about the impact of playing mobile phones during pregnancy.

The mobile phones used in our daily life do have certain radiation, but to say that it will cause fetal treasure deformity, abortion of pregnant mothers, etc., it is too unjust.Radiation can be divided into two types: ionizing radiation and non -electrical ionization.Among them, the high radiation energy is high, which can directly destroy the DNA and the risk of teratogenic. The use of ionizing radiation into life is the medical X -ray examination that we often contact in the hospital, such as CT, radiotherapy, and so on.Of course, these radiation levels are within the scope of safe and controllable, and there are also professional personnel to operate. You don’t have to worry too much.It is very low -ion radiation energy and does not destroy the ability of DNA. The radiation generated by the home appliances and electronic products we use in life belongs to non -electrical radiation.Fetal baby.

In this way, since mobile phone radiation has no effect on the human body, can pregnant mothers play mobile phones unscrupulously?In fact, it is not too obsessed with mobile phones, which also affects pregnant mothers and fetal treasures.

First of all, when playing mobile phones, pregnant mothers are in a static state, either lying down or sitting in a fixed posture, and the duration is relatively long, and a long -term fixing posture remains unchanged, which is not conducive to the blood circulation of the pregnant mother.This will undoubtedly affect the development of fetal treasure, and it is also a harm to the body of the pregnant mother.

Secondly, when playing mobile phones, the pregnant mother needs to be highly concentrated. For a long time, this will lead to the tension of the pregnant mother’s spirit, which will cause "psychiatric visual fatigue". To a certain extent, it will affect the sleep of the pregnant mother.Going down, not only the health of pregnant mothers is worrying, but also may indirectly affect the development of fetal treasure.Therefore, Lao Miao advised all pregnant mothers to play mobile phones during pregnancy, but it is best to stop.

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