Do these 9 things be avoided during pregnancy?I wish the baby a safe birth!

1. The tip of the foot -easy center of gravity and unstable fall and injury

Possible damage

The movement after pregnancy is not as neat as before pregnancy.

Pregnant women’s footsteps are used to take things or dry clothes. Elders are usually prohibited. Why can’t we put the tip of the foot?Is there any seriousness?In fact, the padding tip does not have much effect on the body, but because the uterus becomes larger after pregnancy, the weight continues to increase, and the balance ability has deteriorated. If the tip of the foot is often padded, it does not use the entire palm to feel the balance of the body, and you will worry about it. You will worry about it.The center of gravity is unstable and twisted, and even falls into injuries, and in case of padding, the drop of items may also cause accidents. Pregnant moms must understand that the movement after pregnancy will not be as neat as before pregnancy, and the sense of balance will also be.Can’t be compared with before pregnancy.

Suggestion and reminder

In the early stages of pregnancy, it will not be injured because of the tip of the toes. It is probably a bit convex in the stomach. When the pregnant mother already feels like it, or when I am 4 or 5 months pregnant, I must start to be careful to avoid the action of the toes.In the later period, the stomach is larger, and it is even more important to pay attention. If the work needs, such as the store personnel must obtain items from a high place, they can communicate with the employer and temporarily adjust the work content.

2. Climbing high -be careful of falling down to the placenta

Possible damage

Similarly, climbing high is also easy to fall down because of poor coordination. After some pregnant moms fall, it should not be done if it does not directly collide with the stomach.It may affect the environment in the uterus, and even the placenta is already bleeding when the mother is pulling hard, so you must not use your own intuition to make a judgment.

If there is any fall, it is best to seek medical treatment to check the placenta to confirm whether there are lacerations and bleeding, and the monitor to observe the fetal situation to determine that there is no problem to rest assured.And it is best to rest in bed in a few days after returning home to reduce the amount of activity. If you have a stomach pain, redness or fetal movement, you must immediately return to the hospital for examination.

Suggestion and reminder

There is a need to climb high (such as taking things and drying clothes) in family affairs, which can be responsible for being a gentleman or other members; if you need to climb high at work, you should ask the boss to help the other personnel assist. For the safety considerations of themselves and the fetus, pregnant women shouldProposed such a request is reasonable.

3. Diao Erlang’s legs -the back of the lower limbs is blocked

Possible damage

Qiao Erlang’s legs are the most needed reminders and attention in all improper posture. Not only is Tao’s feet not just bad for pregnant women, but most people should try to avoid it.After pregnancy, the uterine becomes larger, and the vein flow is originally poor, especially the lower limbs are worse. If you have the habit of leading Erlang’s legs, it will only make the vein return more blocked.Cacket; in addition, the feet will also be clamped because of your feet, and the blood flows to the placenta is resistant, which will affect the growth of the fetus.

Suggestion and reminder

Regardless of pregnant women or ordinary people, they should avoid the legs.In addition to the pregnant woman, pay attention to the feet when sitting, not to be suspended.

4. Raise heavy objects, hold children -fearing leakage after delivery, drooping uterus

Possible damage

1. Lifting weight: After pregnancy, the uterus will compress the pelvic cavity. The pressure of the pelvic cavity was already very heavy. If it was lifted or moved, the abdominal pressure may be increased.The leakage of the urine; and lift heavy objects will also affect the body balance, and it is easy to fall into accidents.

2. Holding a child: In addition to falling because of the unstable center of gravity, the pregnant mother’s belly is already very large. If you hold the child again, you may be kicked by the child, kicking the mother unconsciously, because of the placentaTogether with the uterus, if a large collision, the placenta may be bleeding and bleeding. At this time, the placenta blood volume must be evaluated. If it is only slightly blood block, it is recommended that moms should stay in bed as much as possible. When the situation is serious, the baby must be born as soon as possible.Otherwise, once too much blood is lost, mummy and fetus will be in danger of life.

Suggestion and reminder

Pregnant moms should move as little as possible and lift heavy objects.

In order to avoid drooping uterine after birth, pregnant moms should move as little as possible and lift heavy objects.In addition, although the placenta is severely diverted due to the impact, it occurs in a car accident, but clinically, there are pains in the clinic because they are kicked by a child to the stomach, and then they are hospitalized.Harm.

5. Sitting -affect blood circulation

Possible damage

Sitting for a long time will make the vein return, it is easy to cause edema, and even lesion. In addition, the varicose cycle of the lower limbs will also cause the muscles near the lumbar spine to have pain. Not only pregnant women, but most people may happen.If pregnant women want to take a plane, they must take a long time. The doctor will remind the doctor that every 30 to 60 minutes should get up and walk around and go to the toilet.Not to mention, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, it is easy to be numb and cramps because of sitting for a long time. If you maintain the same posture for a long time, the intensity of damage will be more obvious.

Pregnant women have a large uterus in the late pregnancy, and the lower limbs must be returned to the heart. When sitting for a long time, it will be pressed as half a road like a large stone. If the blood flow is blocked for a long time, it may occur.During the activity, once the thrombus runs to the heart, lungs, and brain to form embolism with the blood, it is very dangerous.

As for the fetal part, the venous return is not good, the blood joint belt of the placenta will be affected, and the oxygen obtained by the fetus will be reduced; on the other hand, the back pain of pregnant women will worse the mood and affect the sleep quality.

Suggestion and reminder

1. You can choose a seat that conforms to ergonomic science to reduce the oppression of the lumbar spine; or add a pillow on the chair to reduce the pressure on the waist and alleviate the discomfort caused by lumbaric acid.

2. Avoid fixing or standing for a long time, it is recommended that the two can alternate, or take a break every hour, go to the toilet or drink a glass of water.

3. When sitting, you can put your feet on a small bench to slow down the pressure of your feet and knees and reduce back pain.

6. Jiuzhan ─ Add intravenous veins opportunity

Possible damage

It will mainly worry about the problem of venous veins in the legs; and the efficiency of venous return is affected, which may reduce the output of heart blood, and the posture of posture is hypotension, and dizziness occurs.Chance.

Suggestion and reminder

1. Due to the long -standing pregnant mom, wearing elastic socks can improve edema.

2. After returning home, you can use a pillow under your legs to reduce edema, but you should not lift your legs at 90 degrees.

3. When the belly is relatively large, if you need to stand for a long time, it is recommended to use the belly with the belly to reduce the burden on the uterus to the spine and lumbar spine.

7. Sudden bending -the uterus may be contracted by oppression

Possible damage

Any sudden action will have a negative impact on pregnant women, mainly because the uterus is suddenly oppressed, and it will also increase the risk of uterine contraction and bleeding.

Suggestion and reminder

Pregnant women should try to avoid bending. When picking up things, they must squat first. The movement should be slowed down.Pose -like hypotension appears dizzy and dark in front of him.

8. Kneel or squat to do housework -injury to the knee and increase the risk of urinary incontinence

Possible damage

The kneeling position has a large burden on the knee. No matter whether it is pregnant or not, it is not recommended to kneel and do other things.

Kneeling posture will make pregnant women particularly easy to be unstable.For pregnant women, it should not be too long for pregnant women. If pregnant women are squatting to the toilet, they will feel that the pelvic pressure is very large and significantly congested;At the time of the uterus, the opportunity of uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence will be higher than ordinary people.

Suggestion and reminder

For pregnant women, the posture of squatting or kneeling should be avoided.

For pregnant women, the posture of squatting or kneeling should be avoided, especially kneeling, and the knee damage is particularly great.

9. Wake up and get up directly -the uterus is easily squeezed

Possible damage

Do not get up like a motion of sitting up at the time of wake up, because at this time the waist must be strong, and there is a big belly in front, and the abdomen will cause the stomach to be oppressed, and the sudden movement is not good to pregnant women.Essence

Suggestion and reminder

Let your body lie on the side when you get up, and then get up slowly.

Avoid walking the stairs and suddenly raising your hands.

In addition, it is also necessary to remind pregnant mummy to do not go to the stairs while before giving birth. It is mainly afraid of falling. Unless there are exercise habits in the past, they suddenly walk through the stairs. The physical strength is difficult to load and the risk of falling will increase.High -handed movements should be avoided as much as possible, because suddenly heights will have pulling movements, and during the process, it will affect the waist muscles.

Although these improper posture does not have much impact on the production process, it will increase discomfort during pregnancy, and there may be some sequelae for mothers, such as uterine prolapse, leakage of urine, etc., so paying more attention to the posture of pregnancy will be more secure.

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