Do you believe in dreams?Dream indicates how much to know

There are many dreams on weekdays, and dreams are also clear.Strangely, occasionally woke up in a dream, and when he fell asleep, he would do dreams.

It is often said that there is something in the day, but I have a dream at night, but I am the opposite.The dreams of the night are not thinking about the day, and the dreams you do often have a certain foresteps. What kind of dreams will happen, as if you know it.

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The two dreams I have recently made have actually passed for several days, but I have no forgetful.

I dreamed of fish that night.In the empty fields, large fish fell from the sky, and large and small fish in the fields, land, and ditches.I looked up at the sky, and the long and long fish, from far to near, changed from small to big, like a slow movement of movies, flying to me one by one.

Wake up and feel at a loss.What does this dream indicate?

As the saying goes, "Fish Fortune on the mouth of fish mouth" means that in the middle of the night, there will be a dispute between fish, and the fish will be rich in the second half of the year.

Due to curiosity, Zhou Gong interpreted the interpretation of the Internet and said that dreaming of fish is a good sign.

Just that day, I was invited to participate in the main night event held by the decoration company, and I paid a huge amount and won a few small prizes.Is this a fortune?

But the dream scene, magical and beautiful, still deeply in my heart.

Making such a dream is also a kind of happiness.

There is also a dream that makes people feel difficult.

The day before yesterday, I dreamed that I was bare, and my legs flowed a lot of blood. I was worried that I would be seen. I climbed forward in a shallow water field and washed with water while climbing.

Such a dream is really shocking.I heard that the body and blood are not a good dream, indicating that there is something wrong with the body, or there may be any disaster.

Is it true?In the past few days, dizziness is dizzy, and one thing does not seem to be smooth, and the body and mind are under pressure.

In fact, such a dream is not credible.

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But I have made a few dreams, and it seems that they are all very spiritual.

One is "pro -dream".If you dream of grass or green plants such as lawn, vegetables, etc., you will definitely see a loved one or a relative.When I was in college, I dreamed of a wheat field. Sure enough, relatives suddenly came to school.

Dreaming of shit on my body, I really get money, or pay or have unexpected income that day.

I heard that dreaming of a coffin is auspicious.Once I dreamed of the coffin, I happened to be successful.

That year, I dreamed that a giant snake climbed to her mother’s house. The mother said that she had to have this dream, saying that the family would add male.I heard that my brother -in -law was pregnant with an accident in a few days. At that time, Dabao was less than half a year old. As a result, Erbao Guo was really a boy.

As a materialist, knowing these dreams and forecasts, of course, are not credible. It can only be the talk of tea after meals.

But it is undeniable that people will dream.There are many scientific explanations why people dream.

Why do you have to have such a dream?Is it related to the reality?

Some people say that there are three -dimensional world and multi -dimensional space. Is there really?How many secrets do people have not been unlocked yet?

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Thinking of one thing in the third day, decades have passed, and it is still unpredictable.

At that time, the country was popular in the countryside.

I remember how to come to our village’s rumors about how "the gods of shabu".

It was said that the mother of a classmate went to a business trip in the field. When she returned, she was attached to the road on the road and followed her to us."Humming God" is the incarnation of a wife who has died for many years, and came to the country to save the people.

The classmate’s mother returned home and had a serious illness. From then on, she was abnormal. To others, she said who she was.

Then, the style of "shabu god" in the countryside quietly rises.

Local government and schools carry out publicity and education in a timely manner. Educate everyone not to believe or participate, but many people are thinking about it and quietly invite.Including our students.

After self -study that day, a few girls and I quietly came to Gong’s house, and asked "the gods" together.

There are four square tables in the middle of the house, and a layer of powder is sprinkled on the table.A new huddy rolled over, a brand new towel was covered on the hoe, and a chopstick was inserted.

Gong and her sister stood at the gate of the big, several of our advanced inner houses.I only heard that Gong’s sisters closed the door, and they thought of words in their mouths, "There are fairy in the sky, there are saints on the ground, there are celebrities in front of the house, the door is opened, and Xiangu, please come in."

Then we came out of the house, kneeling in front of the table one by one.The sisters of Gong stood on both sides of the table, and raised their hands with both hands.Then we take turns to ask God.

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I remember that I asked "Human God" at the time: What is my name?How old?I saw the hobbly crickets carried by the sisters of Gong, moved above the desktop, and at the same time drove the chopsticks inserted on the horn, and wrote my name and age on the flour.

Ask if I can go out again?Will you learn art?If you can write 1, if you can’t write 2.The results are 2.

Legend has it that the "Humry God" can indicate the future, but later I knew that it was definitely impossible.Because they also asked grandma and grandparents how old they could live, but the "Handle God" was not accurate.

However, the two people raised their bangs, could write on the desktop, and they wrote a conjoined word. The characters were well written.

Worshiping God for Buddha is just a psychological suggestion.Or, as it is said, if you believe it, there is no believe.

But some things are really confusing. If people have time?Is there a multi -dimensional space?

Perhaps there are, just as people have dreams.Only to prove the day, later generations to solve it.

So, dream, do you believe?

I think I believe it.

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