Do you dare to massage pregnant mothers?#Take your health home#

Early in the morning, Xiao Jin lace sorted out the computer and asked me: "Shu Shu has been pregnant for more than 7 months, and back pain can’t stand it.

I said, "How did you answer?"

Jinhua looked at me a little proudly and said, "I said that you can massage when you are pregnant, but you need to be careful according to the specific situation."


Because the secretion of hormone secretion in the body after pregnancy changes, in order to pass the birth canal during childbirth, the body of the pregnant mother will secrete a hormone called relaxation during pregnancy, which will relax the ligament connected to the pelvis.To the effect of relaxation muscles, the curvature of the spine is increased, so it is easy to feel back pain, which is a common symptom during pregnancy.

At the same time, after women’s pregnancy, as the gestational week increases, the uterus gradually increases, and the support of the waist is also increasing. The ligament next to the uterus will be fatigue due to long -term pulling, which will cause the sacral spinal ligament to relax and compress the pelvic nerves and blood vessels.Many pregnant mothers feel back pain.

Due to the special constitution of pregnant women, there are more taboos in pregnancy, but it is not said that it must not be massaged.It is just that the power and techniques of massage must be mastered. Pregnant women can relieve the back pain of the waist by pressing the waist.

Regarding whether I can massage during pregnancy, I once asked my friend TCM Director Zhao (that is, the last time I said that I was thin and not good -looking).With the use of pressing, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, etc., the massage method should not be overweight. It is forbidden to shoot. In particular, it cannot stimulate the strong acupoints of the abdomen and lumbosacral region, otherwise the prospective mothers may cause premature or abortion.

Pregnant women cannot use waist massage. First of all, the waist massage device uses current to stimulate the human acupoint to achieve the massage effect. Although the current is small, it will also stimulate the abdomen fetus.

At the same time, there are many acupuncture points during pregnancy that cannot be pressed, otherwise it will affect the fetus, and severe cases will cause abortion. Therefore, it is not recommended that expectant mothers use waist massage.

Xiao Jinhua tilted his head and said seriously, "Mother Chen, hurry up this popular science code, and I forward it to Shu Shu."

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