Do you feel when you are pregnant?What are the changes in the body?

I have a friend who is curious about whether I feel like when I was pregnant. Today I talked to you how I felt when I was pregnant.

We all know that in the early stages of pregnancy, most people have symptoms such as drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, frequent urination, and like to eat sour food.However, everyone’s physical fitness is different. Some people are not obvious. For example, let alone drowsiness and serious appetite, but without other discomforts, they will think that they are a little uncomfortable these two days.People have no discomfort, and even if they are about to get pregnant, they don’t know themselves.

Early pregnancy is the critical period of embryonic development. We need to prohibit the use of many drugs and radiation, so the earlier discovering pregnancy, the more we can effectively protect the embryo to avoid accidents.

When I was pregnant, I could feel the subtle changes in my body, such as dizziness weakness, a little sensitive, irritable, and another special feeling in my heart. This is not clear. Anyway, it is not the same as usual.It is also because I was preparing for pregnancy at that time, and the focus was on whether I was pregnant, so I could feel it. In fact, most women could feel it. Only need to be carefully felt by carefully to find the physical changes.

Of course, because each person’s situation is different, the most accurate method of judging pregnancy is to record the menstrual cycle. Once the menstrual discontinued time exceeds the previous cycle, you must take the initiative to test your pregnancy.Morning urine in the morning, because there are various formation scores in the morning urine, which is more accurate.After confirming that after pregnancy, you should go to the hospital to take a blood check in time, and then start paying attention to a lot of contraindications and nutritional supplements. If you have to go to work to contact your computer or other radiation products during pregnancy, remember to buy radiation protection uniforms. In addition, try not to take a bus as much as possibleOr the public transportation of the subway, in addition to avoiding collision and squeezing, there is an important reason to avoid smelling some irritating odors for pregnant women and fetuses, which cause abortion, such as some special spices, perfumes, hot dyeing dyeing dyeingThe taste of the hair of the hair.

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