Do you have a husband and wife life after giving birth?Don’t let these points delay!

Two days ago, I chatted with the sleeping consultants and sisters in the group. They cared about me meticulously and asked me: Teacher Wang, more than two months old girls, how long do you love your husband love love again and again?

Although you can feel the little eyes of everyone’s gossip across the screen, they are all people who are mothers, and many are second -born moms. Otherwise, where does the baby come from?Therefore, I have no burdens and shyness. I have a serious discussion with my sisters with the scientific attitude.

A group of people who were used to the old driver, accidentally drove the car to a high speed. For a while, the dirt king in the group flew with Duan Zi, and Huang violent and scientific coexist.

Curious what we talked about?How many times overnight?What posture?… Keke, of course, there are.

However, the career and sisters of the consultants are relatively serious. I know that many people have become mothers for the first time. There are many uncertainty about postpartum. I may be afraid. I may encounter all kinds of embarrassment.Issues that everyone is generally cares about.

Today, I summarize the essence and help everyone’s "nightlife".

1. How long can I have room after giving birth?

Most sisters said that they had the same room in about half a year after giving birth. A few sisters abstained their husbands and their husbands who went home with themselves, and some sisters began in one month.

In a scientific attitude, the mother’s body needs time to recover whether it is a delivery or cesarean section.Generally speaking, within 6 weeks after giving birth, it is not possible to do the same room during the puerperium.Otherwise, it is likely to lead to "puerperium infection", which endangers the mother’s health and even life.

Generally 2 months after the delivery, 3 months of cesarean section can start.

If the dew is not exhausted and the paint pain and other special circumstances, if you are not assured, you can consult a doctor and you must do your best.

2. Do I need contraception in the same room after delivery?

Some sisters warmly reminded me: "Teacher Wang, you must remember to wear a small umbrella. I have a customer for half a year after giving birth. The key is that she is still a cesarean section.

I thought that contraception was common sense after giving birth. When I asked, I knew that many mothers around the sisters did not have a sense of contraceptiveness. They would think that: breastfeeding will not get pregnant during breastfeeding, and no aunt will not be pregnant.

But this is not the case!The breastfeeding period does suppress ovulation, but it is not 100%; the aunt may also be pregnant, because the first ovulation after delivery may be before my aunt comes.

Data show that there are as many as one -fifth of maternal women who have done or multiple flows within one year after giving birth.I really feel so sad that my mother does not know how to cherish herself. It is more likely to cause uterine injuries than usual than usual, and abortion will increase risks such as premature birth and fetal dysplasia.

So, be sure to contraception.

The simplest way to contraception is to take contraceptive measures. Do you need to say more?

What should I do when there is no "sexual interest"?

Some mothers say that love and love before giving birth is to be immortal, but afternoon love is so painful that she only wants to die, and she can’t feel pleasure.

On the one hand, affected by the production process, postpartum hormones, prolactin, etc., postpartum vaginal dryness and relaxation, and it feels like "sexual blessing". This is actually normal. Many mothers will have it.

However, some mothers will blame and inferiority because of this, and some sisters say that they see people selling three non -aphrodisiac products and shrinking yin products in the circle of friends, and they also sell well.Remind everyone that three -proof products cannot be bought. Moms must love themselves. Do not do things that hurt themselves for the moment.

On the other hand, some sisters said:

"I am only my baby in my eyes now, what is my husband? There is no" sexual interest "!"

"Bringing a baby into a dog, it is better to go to bed early!"

In fact, a good marriage life must be accompanied by a high -quality sex life. Do not underestimate the power of fish and water.

To relieve pain and improve sexual interest and sexual blessing, the husband and wife need to work together.

Moms can conduct pelvic floor muscle exercises targeted. It is recommended that you do the "Kiger Movement" to effectively exercise the bottom muscle and promote vaginal contraction.I started to do it in the confinement, and my pro -test was effective, whoever tried to know.

Dad wants to participate in parenting and reduce the burden on her mother. The mother is relaxed and happy, so that she has sex and sexual interest.

There are really a lot of embarrassing moments in the same room after giving birth. For this reason, the sisters have provided you with some ways to deal with typical embarrassing moments.

Breast spraying milk constantly

"Wearing bra slashed, I won’t miss it."

"Anti -time milk sticker to understand"

I suggest that you can feed your baby beforehand to clear your breasts.What should I do if the baby wakes up?

"At this time, the importance of sleeping in bed"

Keke, this sister is a real cow. I personally do not recommend slapping in front of the baby, no matter how young the baby is.A consultant and sister said that when they just finished, the baby woke up and quickly breastfeed. As a result, there was that taste on her body.It’s really … uh, distressed baby.

In the American drama "Juvenile Schielton", 11 -year -old Shelton still remembers the scene of his parents and dads when he was a few months old. Maybe your baby is also Sheldon?No one can guarantee that the baby really has no memory.

Also, is it the importance of improving your baby’s sleep ability?The baby sleeps well, and the parents’ sexual blessing index is high.where to?

"We have been solved by the quilt on the ground for three years, and the second child is in the ground."

Well, the ground, guest rooms, study rooms, and bathrooms are all good places.Is the figure changed?

After giving birth to a baby, he became fatter, his skin was loose, his chest was drooping, and there were stretch marks on his belly. Will your husband dislike it?

I want to say, do you ask your husband to have Peng Yuyan’s eight abdominal muscles?No sexual interest?

What should I do if my husband has no sex with me?Is it his palace?There are still people!"Take the initiative to seduce, don’t be afraid of hooking."

Between normal husband and wife, there must be a necessary sex life to maintain.Women who have no sexual life are really easy to lose their temper.Harmony sex life is the standard of quality life, and it is also a long -term and good marriage guarantee.

According to sexual research in Ireland and Canada: women’s sexual desire has stronger plasticity than men and is more likely to be awakened.Therefore, mothers, don’t suppress your nature, feel like you come.

Also, I heard that 3 times a week, and it can burn 7,500 calories in a year, which is equivalent to running 120km.So, mothers who want to lose weight, you know!

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