Do you have the habit of "washing anus"?What effect does this have on the body?Know

Introduction: The anal is the distal structure of the anal canal. The steel pipe is from the upper tooth line, the lower to the anal edge is about 1.5 ~ 2cm.The tube, surrounded by internal and external sphincter, usually contracted in a ring -shaped shape, closed the anus.

The tooth line is the rectum, the junction of the anal canal, the embryo period, and the tooth line are the junction of the internal and external embryos.And clinically has its importance.


Sticking to "fart" every day, maybe they will gain these 4 benefits

1. Prevent anal skin disease: The anus is a special part. The stool generated by metabolic is excreted through the anus. The anus is easy to hide dirt, and it is also very fragile.Let the virus and bacteria breed in a large amount of anal perianal, which will stimulate the skin here, causing perianal skin abscess and itching.

If you insist on washing the anus every day, you will clean the dirt on the anus, so that you can reduce the risk of perianal skin diseases, keep the anus clean and comfortable, reduce itching, and improve sleep quality.

2. Accelerate all blood circulation: Many office workers are sitting in the office, which will increase the carriers of the perianal, affect the blood circulation of the perianal periana, and cause constipation. Sticking to the anus every day is like massaging the hip.Hip blood circulation, relax the hip muscles, and keep perianal health.

3. Prevention of gynecological diseases: For women, anal is also harvesting the benefits of exclusive women every day. Because women’s physiological structure is special, at this time, the urethra and vaginal port are adjacent to the anus, and there are a lot of sweat glands around the buttocks.Sweating is more.

If you do n’t pay attention to the hygiene of the anal, such as do not change your underwear often or do not change the sanitary napkin in time, it will allow bacteria to remain in the perianal, so as to enter the urethra and private parts, and it is easy to induce gynecological diseases.

4. Preventing urinary system infection: After defecation, people need to wipe with paper towels so that the germs can remain on the perianal. If there is no habit of changing my underwear, it will cause bacteria to remain on the surface of the underwear.System infection.


What are the common anal diseases?

1. Hemorrhoids: When the anus and rectal tissues are swollen and inflamed, they will develop hemorrhoids. At the same time, there will be painful itching and inflammation in the local area.Or diarrhea.

2. Anal fissure: anal fissure is also a crack in the anus. This is mainly caused by severe dry bowel inflammation, or diarrhea. Patients with itching, pain, and bleeding.Cracks will involve the sub -sphincter of the anal canal, which can be relieved through local anesthesia or bathing, and a diet of high dietary fiber.

3. Anal warts: Anal warts will occur in the rectum, and may also affect reproductive organs and skin. There will be no obvious pain and discomfort. Patients can relieve it by burning or ointment.Method to remove.

4. Anal rectal abscess: When anal glands are infected, a large amount of feces and bacteria will follow the surrounding tissue to form anal abscess. When the anus or surrounding rectal infections will be filled with pus, causing swelling, skin inflammation and sustainable fever and fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever and sustainable fever.pain.

5. Anal fistula: If anal rectal abscesses are not eased, it will develop into anal fistula, local swelling, skin stimulation for a long time, and continuous high fever and pus outflow. Such anorectal diseases must pass surgery through surgery.Methods to remove anal abscesses, while combined with antibiotics and anti -inflammatory drugs.


Do you have the habit of "washing anus"?What effect does this have on the body?Know

The structure of our bodies is very subtle. Each part has its own functions and use. The main role of the anus is to be responsible for excretion of feces. When the feces are formed in the large intestine, they must rely on the intestinal peristalsis to achieve the sigmoid colon.The degree will be pushed to the rectum, which makes people interested.

When there is a intention to appear, the brain will send a signal of defecation. At this time, the human body will go to the toilet. The anus needs to control the excretion of the feces.Some dirt.

Because the position of the anus is relatively private and the breathability is poor, it is in a humid environment for a long time. It is easy to breed bacteria, which will cause a series of perianal problems. Cleaning the anus will help maintain perianal cleaning and hygiene, reduce perianal diseaseThe incidence rate.

Especially for female friends, because of the special physiological structure, we must pay attention to the cleaning problem of the perianal parts. Otherwise, some bacteria or dirt in the perianal periana can easily cause hidden health hazards to women’s private parts, cause infection, and induce various gynecological diseases.


Topic extension-what is perianal abscess?

Periated abscess, also known as anal canal, abscess around the rectum. Traditional Chinese medicine is called anal scalp. Perceptual abscess occurs in acute purulent infectious diseases around anal canal and rectum. It is a bacterial infection, an anal fistula, and anal fistula.One of the three major diseases, the incidence rate is about 2%, accounting for 8%to 25%of the anorectal disease.

Periated abscess is more common in men aged 20 to 40. The incidence of men is 3 to 4 times that of women, and the incidence of pediatrics is relatively high. If perianal abscess occurs, it should be taken seriously.The nest and pelvic rectal nest, as well as the abscess under the perineal fascia of the male, the most dangerous. If it is not treated in time, it may lead to infectious shock and even life -threatening.

The main symptom of perianal abscess is pain. This pain will be very severe and gradually aggravated. Many patients can not eat it, they can’t sleep. After the abscess breaks itself, the pain will be eased for the time being.The pain continues to be reduced, and the abscess around the rectum may not be painful.

This is because the rectal is a pelvic cavity. The plant nerves distributed here are not sensitive to ordinary stimuli. The main manifestation is local swelling and mutation. Another symptom of perianal abscess is fever, up to 40 ° C. Generally speakingThe larger and deeper the pus, the greater the probability of fever, and the greater the fever, and some patients will still have symptoms such as poor urination, poor naming, and insomnia.

Reminder: When cleaning the anus, try to choose warm salt water to clean the anus, so as to play a role in sterilization. After washing, try to clean the water residue in the anus as much as possible to prevent humidity.

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