Do you know about dog mating?

I don’t know if you are a male dog or a bitch?Does your dog have sterilized surgery?And how much do you know about dog mating?Let’s take a look at the things of dog mating today, and hurry up!

The advantages and disadvantages of dog sterilization


① Dogs after sterilization can largely reduce reproductive diseases, thereby increasing the life of the dog.

② Most of the dogs after sterilization will change because of the changes in the body’s hormones, and the personality may become sticky and quiet from irritability.

③ Dogs after sterilization, even if the estrus does not want to run out, reducing the chance of losing, and reducing the number of stray dogs in the society.


① hormonal metabolism will change. If you continue to keep the previous feeding amount, it will be easy to obese.

② Dog’s sterilization surgery is dangerous, such as adverse anesthesia reactions, internal bleeding, etc.

③ The risk of thyroid and hemangioma will increase.

Precautions before dog breeding

① Ensure that the male dogs and the bitch are healthy, there are no diseases, and insect repellent and vaccine must be done well.

② It is confirmed whether the bitch is in estrus, because the male dog will not be estrus. Only when you smell the taste of the estrus, will it be passive.

③ If you want to ensure that the bitch can be successful, it is best to find a male dog with a small baby dog, so that it will be better after pregnancy.

④ It is best to put the bitch and male dog in a quiet and few rooms, and let them familiar with each other.

The time for dog mating

The best time for dogs should be that after the first estrus, that is, the dog is one year old, the body is completed.

The dog mating is not the same as the cat. It is not allowed to mate multiple times. It only takes once each mating, and the time is relatively long.

Dog’s mating method

① Freedom mating: As the name suggests, it is to let the dog fall freely. When it comes to estrus, it is freely mating.

② Artificial insemination: This is considered through high -tech, because this requires a certain professional equipment and professional technology to complete the mating method.

③ Mandatory mating: This mating method is only used for the estrus period, but it is unwilling to mate a male dog or bitch.

④ Auxiliary mating: When some dogs may be the first mating or two dogs, human assistance is needed.

Attention after dog mating

① The dog may be fighting after mating. It is best to prepare iodophor for the pet owner and apply medicine to the dog.

② The breeding is a very energy -consuming thing. After the mating, the dog may be drowned, and the amount of food will become very large. The pet owner remembers that you can rest in time.grain.

Conclusion: Do you know the above knowledge?

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