Do you know that durian can also help conceive?

Guide: Women who want to increase the chance of pregnancy are important by diet assistance. Eating correctly can improve the chance of pregnancy.Durian is a tropical fruit. It contains natural estrogen, which can also stimulate sexual desire and reverse anemia. It has a good positive effect on improving the fertility of women or men.

1. How do durian help women who want to get pregnant?

1. Contains estrogen

According to botanist research, durian contains estrogen.These hormones will be born naturally in the human body, but some women may not have enough levels, resulting in infertility.Durian contains high content of estrogen, so it can help conceive.

2. Can stimulate sexual desire

Durian is a powerful aphrodisiac.If you eat frequently, you can enhance your sexual desire and function.Durian can also reduce male infertility by improving the vitality of sperm.

3. Help maintain weight

Durian helps reduce the risk of unhealthy weight during pregnancy.The content of high fiber and components of complete minerals and water can allow your weight to control.Durian does contain healthy fat, and under proper consumption, it is good for you.

4. Treatment of polycystic ovary

Insulin resistance is one of the factors that cause polycystic ovary syndrome and can also induce metabolic syndrome.The characteristics of anti -inflammatory, obesity, and hyperglycemia of durian can fight the complications of several metabolic syndrome.

5. Can reverse anemia

Anemia can reduce the production of red blood cells and thus affect the possibility of conception.Durian contains a large amount of folic acid, which is an important component of red blood cells. It also contains copper and iron, and it is also the two key components of red blood cells.Once red blood cells are produced normally, anemia disappears.

2. Other healthy benefits to consumption of durian

1. Plenty of physical energy

Durian contains monolithic sugar, such as sucrose and fructose, and other simple fat, which can instantly supplement body energy and restore vitality.So a durian can make you full of vitality all day.

2. Improve bone health

Durian is an excellent source of potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese, which has a very important role in developing and maintaining bone strength and durability.These minerals can also prevent the development of bone loose disease.High -level durian’s potassium increases the efficiency of absorbing nutrients, which is beneficial to bone health.

3. Can treat insomnia

Durian contains colorful acid, an organic chemical related to sleep.When your diet contains colorful acid, it enters the brain and transforms into serotonin to release a feeling of happiness and relaxation.Excess serotonin releases melatonin in the body, causing fatigue.

4. How to eat durian

If you want to increase the chance of conception with durian, you can only eat durian at most 2 to 3 copies in a week, otherwise it will have an adverse effect.When eating durian and wine, it may trigger side effects such as flatulence and stomach cramps.

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