Do you need luteal ketone to protect your fetus in early pregnancy?Is bedroom useful?

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Bleeding in early pregnancy is not uncommon, about 20-40%of pregnant mothers have experienced it.Bleeding will inevitably worry about abortion.Indeed, abortion is the most common cause of bleeding in early pregnancy, but bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy does not mean that it will have a miscarriage.

Why is it bleeding in the early pregnancy?

What to do?

Do you want lutenone to keep your fetus?

Is bedroom useful?

The most common causes of bleeding in the early pregnancy include abortion and ectopic pregnancy, which is why bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is inevitable.Early pregnancy bleeding may also be related to the endometrium bed.Other relatively rare reasons include cervical and vaginal lesions (such as polyps, infections, tumors, etc.), and uterine cavity infections.

However, early pregnancy bleeding may sometimes cannot find clear causes.After the examination, I found that all aspects of the embryo are very good, and they cannot explain why bleeding.It is inevitable that this situation is inevitable, but the good news is that the probability is a good pregnancy.

The most important thing about early pregnancy bleeding is to confirm the health of the embryo and check ectopic pregnancy.There are two types of examinations that can be performed, one is ultrasound, and the other is to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) level.

| Ultrasonic examination |

Ultrasonic examination is safe during pregnancy, so you can do it safely if necessary.Although the ultrasound cannot be 100%clear, the end of the next pregnancy progress is clear, but the ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy can help investigate whether there are ectopic pregnancy.In addition, if ultrasound detects submotic haematoma, it can help explain the cause of bleeding.

About six weeks of pregnancy, you can see the fetal heart by vaginal ultrasound.If the fetal heart is beating in the early pregnancy, even if there is a bleeding phenomenon, the probability of abortion will be less than 5%.

| Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) level |

I just said that after about 6 weeks of pregnancy, I can check the fetal heart beating through vaginal ultrasound.Before 6 weeks of pregnancy, it is necessary to speculate the development of the embryo according to the elevated gonad hormone or double the condition of the velvet wool.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the doubling situation of HCG was not good or the level was too low, indicating that the embryo may have quality problems or ectopic pregnancy.HCG doubles too fast or HCG is too high, then it is prompted to multiple pregnancy or hydatidal.If the HCG is continuously monitored in the early stages of pregnancy, and the level of discovery continues to decline, it is suggested that the pregnancy is not successful and abortion will occur.

I often hear this saying: Doctors say that luteal ketone is low, and luteal ketone is required to protect the fetus.In fact, for healthy mothers who are pregnant naturally, there is no need to monitor progesterone level during pregnancy, even if there are bleeding, no conventional monitoring ” progesterone ” level.

A single random detection level does not reflect the actual situation as a whole.Second, most of the early pregnancy abortion was caused by the quality of the embryo itself (such as the embryo itself that the chromosome itself could not survive).If the cause of the bleeding is that the embryo itself is problematic, it has stopped developing, and the level of progesterone will naturally be low or reduced. Nothing to supplement progesterone cannot change the quality of the embryo.

Maybe a mother will be confused: bleeding is too worrying, what if it is really lack of progesterone?No matter how to make up for it first, maybe it can really protect the fetus?In fact, there is already a systematic review and META analysis. The final conclusion of the review is that there is no sufficient evidence to support routine use of progesterone to treat pioneering abortion, and the use of progesterone to treat the health risks of mothers and children.unknown.

Therefore, there is no need to use lutenone to protect the fetus in the early pregnancy.

Crime may be one of the most common advice.However, bed does not change the pregnancy ending.In other words, if the abortion is about to happen, even if it is bed, it will eventually happen.Bleeding during pregnancy is indeed very panicked, but there is no targeted treatment to stop bleeding at present, not to mention stopping a small amount of bleeding during pregnancy is not the real purpose.Therefore, if you feel tired and want to rest, you can rest in bed, but you don’t need to stay in bed for tires because of a small amount of bleeding in the early pregnancy.

Generally speaking, bleeding in early pregnancy is a relatively common phenomenon, and bleeding does not mean that there will be abortion.If there are bleeding, seek medical treatment early to confirm the development of the embryo and eliminate ectopic pregnancy.At present, there is no special treatment for early pregnancy bleeding. As long as you confirm the ideal embryo development, you can continue to observe, and there are not many other things that can be done.There is no need for conventional bed "tires", nor does it need to use progesterone to "protect".


Hope to be helpful, wish you a good pregnancy, good luck!

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