Do you really have anything to do if you do n’t like to sleep at night during pregnancy?Curious mothers come here

When many mothers are pregnant with their children, they are particularly prone to sleepy. The family around them will tell expectant mothers such a small secret, saying that the child’s future gender can be seen from the things they sleep.This may be the experience of giving birth to a child’s mother, but is it credible about such remarks?Let’s see what the experts say?

Relevant experts, such an evaluation given to such remarks, saying that these are just adults’ experience, there is no need to believe it.In fact, at this time, it is an extremely normal thing to be prone to sleepy mothers. Tell everyone that you do n’t have to worry about it because of such things.Some people focus on men and women, so can it really cause a war?

The relationship between the baby’s sex and the sleepy sleep of the mother has no conclusive evidence, and there is no scientific theory as a support.Most people say that if the mother prefers to sleep and is very sleepy, it is more likely to have a girl.Most of them gave birth to the first child. As a result, the second child was a girl, and it was very normal for the second child to be trapped.

How can there be higher quality sleep during pregnancy?

1. Do not drink too much water or soup before going to bed, which is conducive to sleep.But pregnant mothers need to drink plenty of water, so you have to restrain the time of drinking water by yourself. You can drink more in the morning and afternoon, and you must restore before dinner.However, if you are thirsty, don’t bear it, you can pour a small glass of water and sip slowly.

2. Don’t do strong behavior before going to bed.You should relax your nerves, like a warm bath for 15 minutes, let your family make a little physical massage for you.

3. Because your legs make you wake up from your sleep, please force your pedal to the wall or get out of bed to stand for a moment, which will help relieve cramps.And if it is a few times of cramps, the body is reminding you to supplement calcium, you can consult your doctor how to supplement your physical science calcium.In addition, eggs, non -transfers of soybean products and milk are also safe calcium supplements.

4. If possible, sleep in the afternoon for 30 ~ 60 minutes to fill the lack of sleep caused by disappearing sleep at night.

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