Do you really know cervical erosion?Will cervical erosion affect pregnancy?

As early as 2008, textbooks have revised the statement of cervical erosion. Cervical erosion is a physiological phenomenon of cervical cylindrical epithelial exterior. It is not a disease.There are generally no symptoms and often discovered during inspection.Normal cervical erosion is mostly related to personal hygiene. Will cervical erosion affect pregnancy?

1. What is cervical erosion?

Cervical erosion generally refers to cervical cylindrical epithelium, and cervical cylindrical epithelium is normal. There is no special clinical manifestation.

If there is an increase in leucorrhea, yellowing, and odor, it is a manifestation of cervical inflammation.

Second, the cause of cervical erosion

1. Bad life rules

If women stay up late for a long time, or have too much life pressure and long -term tension, they will cause endocrine disorders, which will affect the cylindrical epithelium and cause outwardness.

2. Multiple flow surgery

Gynecological surgery such as many abortion surgery, diagnostic curettage, and cervical expansion can cause cervical damage or inflammation.

3. Don’t pay attention to hygiene in the same room

Frequent rooms in the same room and replacing objects many times are the causes that cause cervical erosion cannot be ignored.

4. Cervical inflammation or early canceration

In addition to the causes of hormone, women have acute cervicitis, early cervical cancer or pre -cancer lesions, and will also cause the cervix to show a congestive erosion state.

3. Does cervical erosion affect pregnancy?

Generally speaking, cervical erosion is a normal physiological phenomenon and does not affect pregnancy.

However, pay attention to distinguishing other cervical diseases and cervical erosion.Cervical erosion generally has no special symptoms.When leucorrhea abnormalities or pain and bleeding occur, everyone needs to pay attention to whether there are other diseases such as cervical cancer, pre -cancer lesions, and cervicitis.

Summary: The simple cervical erosion is normal physiological manifestations of the cervix.However, cervical erosion will also be accompanied by the symptoms of abnormal leucorrhea or pain. You should seek medical treatment in time to check whether there is inflammation.In this case, it is best to treat before pregnancy to avoid affecting the health of the body and fetus.Whether it affects pregnancy is specifically based on personal physical condition.

Reminder: The above content only provides related health information, and cannot replace any personal medical diagnosis and treatment.

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