Do you want bone health, should you eat red meat?

The greatest wealth in life is health. As you get older, your feelings are deeper.Whether the bones are healthy are closely related to the quality of life of people.Therefore, modern people pay more attention to bone health, and many people want to take advantage of their youth to work hard for their bones.However, in daily life, people may still face some misunderstandings.

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I saw some friends on the Internet for discussion a while ago, often eating or more red meat is good or harmful to bone health?Some people say, "European and American people often eat beef, which is stronger bones and higher heads." Some people say, "It is mainly because they drink more milk. Eating red meat is easy to gain weight, it is said that it is not conducive to calcium absorption!"So, what is the truth?Is it good for bone health to consume too much red meat, and is it not conducive to the great calcium supplement?Let’s break down today.

1. Bone development, which nutrients are related to?

When it comes to bone development, everyone’s first reaction must be calcium.Indeed, calcium is the basis of the bone, and sufficient calcium can keep the bones in a suitable strength and hardness.When calcium is lacking, the human body may have osteoporosis and bone softness.For adolescents, women during pregnancy, and menopausal women, the demand for calcium is higher, and we must pay attention to reasonable supplements.

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Secondly, vitamin D is a vital "regulator" that affects calcium absorption and utilization.When the human body lacks vitamin D, calcium cannot be stored well in the bones, and it may cause cartilage in adults, and it may cause rampant disease among infants and young children.Because the food source of vitamin D is not rich, it is recommended that you take vitamin D supplements under the guidance of professional nutritionists or doctors.

Third, the sufficient intake of high -quality protein is also an important factor to ensure bone health.Protein is an important raw material for collagen of skeletal.In the case of protein, especially in lack of high -quality protein intake, the toughness of the bones may be affected.Fortunately, the food sources of high -quality protein are very rich. As long as you ensure that you eat enough eggs, milk, lean meat, fish and shrimp, etc., you don’t have to worry about protein deficiency.

Fourth, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin K, vitamin C, etc. are closely related to bone health.The existence of magnesium can promote the absorption of calcium, while phosphorus can adjust the absorption of calcium in both directions. When the proportion of calcium and phosphorus calcium is appropriate, the calcium absorption is promoted, otherwise the calcium loss may increase.In addition, few people pay attention to vitamin K, which is of great significance to bone health.It maintains the content of bone calcium in the bones, which can affect the deposition effect of calcium in the bones.Vitamin C can also promote the absorption and utilization of calcium.These nutrients are relatively rich in food sources. Through reasonable diet, we choose diverse natural foods to better ensure the reasonable intake of the above nutrients.

2. What is the impact of red meat on the development of bone?

As mentioned earlier, high -quality protein is important for bone health.As the main source of high -quality protein, red meat should be beneficial to bone health.Why is eating more red meat is not conducive to bone health?

There are two main reasons behind this.

First, the development of bones is inseparable from calcium. Foods with rich calcium and high absorption and utilization rate are naturally conducive to strong bones.However, the calcium content of red meat is not high. "China Food ingredients (2018" shows that the calcium content of lean beef is only 9 mg/100 grams, which is about 1/12 of milk (milk content is 104 mg of calcium is 104 mg/100 grams). In fact, not only beef, the calcium content of livestock and poultry meat is generally low, such as lean pork, lean mutton and duck meat content is 6 mg/100 grams, 9 mg/100g and 6Milligram/100 grams.

Second, the appropriate amount of protein is beneficial to bone health.However, when the protein intake is too much, some studies have found that the loss of bone calcium may be increased, which is too late.However, the high -protein diet must have a negative impact on bone health, and the conclusions of various research are not uniform.What we need to pay attention to is that we have a balanced diet and rationally consume protein.

Third, in general, the fat content of red meat is relatively high, especially the fat and thin red meat that is loved by everyone, such as snowflake beef, pork belly, burdock, etc.When we consume a large amount of red meat with high fat content, it will not only affect the control of weight, increase the risk of obesity, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.risk.At the same time, a large amount of fat in the diet will also affect the absorption and utilization of calcium.

It can be seen that it is not reliable to eat more red meat to promote bone development!

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3. Strong bones, how to eat it?

As mentioned earlier, in order to want strong bones, a variety of nutrients including calcium, vitamin D, and protein are needed for strong bones.It can be said that bone health is a long -term and systematic large project. It must be comprehensively planned, early layout, and

In terms of nutrition, ** First of all, we must pay attention to ingesting dairy products with rich calcium and high absorption and utilization rate. ** Whether it is milk, yogurt, cheese, creamy skin, milk tofu, etc., it can be regarded as excellent choices.If you really do n’t like to eat milk products, you can also choose soy products with high calcium -containing high -level, such as tofu (excluding lactone tofu), bean skin, dried tofu (pay attention to choose low salt content), yuba, etc., and fish and shrimp, and fish and shrimpCalcium -rich aquatic products such as shellfish.The calcium content of some green leafy vegetables is also considerable, such as kale, small rapeseed, cabbage, sweet potato leaf, amaranth, amaranth, etc.Moreover, green leafy vegetables also contain vitamin K closely related to bone calcification. Although oxalic acid and acid in vegetables will affect the absorption of calcium, most of the oxalic acid can be removed after a short time of simmered water.For people with less milk and soy products, it is also a good way to supplement calcium supplementation.

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Second, pay attention to replenishing high -quality protein.According to the suggestions of Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines, eating one egg, one cup of milk, 2 two livestock, 2 two aquatic products, 25 grams of soybean products, and protein in other foods can meet human needs.

Furthermore, pay attention to the supplement of vitamin D.Successful sunshine can help the human body’s synthesis part of vitamin D, but considering that modern people pay attention to sun protection, and the indoor work is the main, sunshine is usually insufficient. A better way is to reasonably take vitamin D supplementary agents.Finally, properly intake fresh fruits, supplement vitamin C and organic acids, and can also promote bone calcium absorption.As for nutrients such as vitamin K, magnesium, phosphorus, etc., just pay attention to the diverse diet, and try to eat foods that are light less oil and less salt, and naturally processed foods. Basically, you can basically ensure sufficient intake.

Of course, it is not enough to talk about nutrition.For bone health, appropriate exercise is essential.It should be noted that we must choose the right exercise according to our own weight and physical condition.For people with a large weight base, it is recommended to give priority to choosing aerobic exercises with low and medium strengths, such as yoga, cycling, fast walking, etc.If the weight is normal, you can choose your favorite exercise, step by step, and exercise with suitable strength.

There is no even thousands of miles, and bone health requires us for many directions and long -term efforts.Therefore, choosing a healthy, painless, and sustainable way is particularly important.Everyone does not prevent it from today, and adjusts from diet, exercise and other aspects to lay the foundation for a strong good bone.

Author: Wang Lu’s master’s degree in public health at Peking University, Chinese Registered Nutritionist

Review: The first batch of nutritional instructor of the Xue Qingxin Health and Health Commission China Registered Nutritionist

Source: Starry Sky Plan

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