Does 37.5 degrees have an impact on children who are about to grow?

Introduction: By the third trimester, because of worrying about the health of the baby, any condition on the pregnant mother will cause tension and anxiety. Is the body temperature of 37.5 degrees normal?Will it affect yourself and children?

1. The normal body temperature of the human body is generally between 36 degrees and 37 degrees.

2. Pregnant women will have a higher physical temperature, and it is a normal range from 36.9 degrees to 37.2 degrees.

3. If the body temperature of pregnant women is 37.5 degrees, it is a low -thermal state.

1. The body temperature of pregnant women is 37.5 degrees. In the controllable range, try to drink plenty of water or physical cooling. If it continues to be low and does not improve, then go to the hospital immediately. Under the guidance of the doctor, the medication will generally not affect the child.Health.

2. The body temperature of pregnant women is greater than 38.5 degrees, which is a fever. At this time, fever medicine needs to be taken, but it must be performed under the guidance of a doctor. If the treatment is delayed, it is likely to be unfavorable to the fetus and pregnant women.

3. If a pregnant woman has a cold, fever or other diseases during pregnancy, please listen to the doctor’s advice when using drugs for treatment. Do not take medicine without permission, otherwise it may have an impact on the health of pregnant women and children.

4. Pregnant women should pay attention to rest, replenish water to ensure sufficient sleep time and sufficient nutritional supply.

5. Pregnant women should pay close attention to the changes in body temperature during pregnancy, always prepare the thermometer, and do a good job of body temperature monitoring. Once the body temperature is abnormal, go to the hospital immediately.

1. When pregnant women are just pregnant, if there is symptoms of too high body temperature, they may cause abortion or damage to the normal development of the embryo.

2. If the body temperature continues to be higher than 38.5 degrees during pregnancy, it may cause great damage to the fetus.

Important tips: Pregnant mothers should always pay attention to their temperature changes at any time during pregnancy. If you are at a low heat state such as 37.5 degrees, you can also take corresponding measures; if you reach 38.5 degrees or more, you must pay great attention and go to the hospital for treatment in time.Do not cause life regret because of your own negligence.

Today’s topic: Have you encountered an increase in body temperature during pregnancy?How do you deal with it?

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