Does allergic constitution affect pregnancy?During pregnancy, this series of foods can easily cause allergic foods to eat cautiously

Does allergic constitution affect pregnancy?During pregnancy, this series of foods can easily cause allergic foods to eat cautiously

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Generally, people who are prone to allergic reactions and allergic diseases without finding the cause of the onset are called””sne constitution ”.Normal human body contains a certain amount of histaminase, but some allergic constitutions do not destroy the histamine that causes allergic reactions due to the lack of histaminase.

The incidence of allergies is very high. The literature reports about L/3 people suffer from allergic diseases in their lives. Common allergic diseases include allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, pollen disease, and certain dermatitis.Easy -allergic constitution can worry about affecting pregnancy during pregnancy.

Will allergies affect pregnancy?

The relationship with pregnancy is not great, but the system of allergies to children will be inherited.The genetic genetic inheritance of this allergic constitution has been determined when fertilization, and allergies can occur in the newborn period, such as common eczema.

Once the symptoms of allergic symptoms and genetic foundations of the newborn period will occur in the future, such as allergic asthma, severe rhinitis, allergic purpura, cardinic conjunctivitis, allergic shock, etc.Essence

How to prepare for allergies?

1. Avoid contact with allergens

Allergies are not terrible. You usually need to maintain your body. You do n’t have to fill or have long plush toys.Frequently eliminate indoor dust mites, use hot water with hot water above 55 ° C, and dry them in the sun, and use the cotton quilt.Flour, dust, and food may cause allergies. Pay attention to stay away from allergens and avoid allergens, especially do not eat foods that are easy to cause allergies. Go to eat less.It should be recruited, or it is safer to do it by yourself.

2. Strengthen exercise

Don’t always stay at home, do more exercise and fitness, be careful not to be too tired, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, keep a pleasant and optimistic mood.

3. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol

During pregnancy, tobacco and alcohol are a taboo, closely related to the health of the baby. Smoking and drinking may cause fetal malformations.Secondly, alcohol can expand blood vessels, just like making your face red, and it will make the allergic nasal congestion more serious.If you feel a little stuffy before drinking, you’d better put down the wine glass in your hand.Alcohol also contains some histamine that naturally produced during the fermentation process, which will also exacerbate allergic reactions.

4. Balanced nutritional diet

Conditioning the body through a balanced nutritional diet during pregnancy is a major homework. It can reserve sufficient nutrition and reduce many troubles during pregnancy.Ding Mantang Youxi No. 1 conditioned body, supplemented with plant estrogen, and the warm palace nourishes qi and blood to promote ovulation and enhance physique and nutrition.Maintain the regular diet, properly eat some coarse grains, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Careful foods such as milk, soybeans, peanuts, eggs and fish, nuclear fruit, crustacean seafood (such as shrimp crab), flour, etc.The modern food industry is developed, and some people are allergic to food additives, such as pigmentation, antioxidants, preservatives, etc.Such foods containing additives, such as honey, golden needles, and some candy, people with allergies still eat less, so as not to induce asthma.In addition, some foods do not have to be eaten. Even if they only have contact, they may cause itchy and red -swollen allergic reactions, such as bananas, avocado, kiwi, chestnuts, papaya, celery, etc.

Cold food can easily stimulate our throat, trachea, and gastrointestinal tract, causing blood vessels and muscles to shrink and shrink, which causes some allergic reactions. People with sensitive constitutions should pay more attention.

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