Does HPV affect women’s pregnancy?

I believe that many women who prepare for pregnancy will be checked before pregnancy before pregnancy. As a result, they find that they have infected HPV viruses. At this time, they will be worried that they are afraid that they will not be pregnant.

So what exactly is HPV virus?

HPV virus is the abbreviation of human papilloma virus. In fact, women infected with HPV do not have to be nervous.According to the survey, 60%-70%of women have been infected with HPV viruses, but this infection is usually disposable, which can completely remove it through the human body’s autoimmune before causing abnormal changes in cells.

HPV virus is divided into low -risk and high -risk type. Low -risk HPV infection mainly causes skin and mucosal wart -like growth; high -risk HPV infection mainly causes the occurrence of cervical and vulvar cancer.

Although there is a related connection between cervical cancer and HPV, not all women infected with HPV will suffer from cervical cancer.Women with high -risk HPV infections are mostly large in two years of virus by their own immune system.Only a small part of women will have HPV persistent infections.Even if it is continuously infected with HPV virus, it takes 7 to 10 years to develop to the shortest cervical cancer.Therefore, don’t worry about it.

Find out the infection of HPV virus, affect pregnancy?This requires the situation to explain.

Clinical studies have shown that after HPV is infected with the host, it does not enter human blood circulation, and it will not affect the development of the fetus during pregnancy, and it will not cause teratogenic.It is possible for babies to infect HPV at birth, but many babies have been removed by their own immunity within more than two years.

Of course, if there are high -risk HPV viruses, especially women infected with type 16 or 18, if you are married, it is recommended to get pregnant and have children as soon as possible to prevent cervical cancer lesions.

For women -age women, pre -pregnancy medical examinations are essential.Especially before pregnancy, a cervical anti -cancer examination, such as HPV virus and liquid cytology such as TCT or LCT, if you find a pre -cancer lesions with cervix, you can treat the cervical pre -cancer lesions before pregnancy.If the examination excludes the lesion, and it is just a state of virus, then you can get pregnant and have children first.

For our own health, we must prevent prevention in daily life and improve our immunity.

Adjust your schedule and stick to your early bed and get up early; you must also pay attention to the diet. Pay attention to the intake of fruit and vegetable protein, which can supplement some selenium elements to improve immunity, which can help remove HPV viruses and prevent cancer.You can choose to jog, play, yoga, etc. to exercise.

Cervical screening should be done regularly so that you can control your health in your own hands, and you can have a healthy baby.

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