Does ovulation prove that he is not pregnant?

Pregnancy and having children are a happy thing for many families. One of the key to pregnancy is to calculate the ovulation period. The ovulation period is good. Preparation before ovulation can greatly increase the chance of pregnancy. At the same timeIt is also a guarantee for the health of the baby.

Does ovulation prove that he is not pregnant?

Experts from Beijing Huabo Hospital: Ovulation does not necessarily prove that it is not pregnant. If the pregnancy time is too short, there may still be ovulation. The typical symptom of general pregnancy is to discontinue a menopause response.

If women have sex during the childbearing age, the possibility of pregnancy should be considered first.Patients with menopause for more than 35 days can use early pregnancy test strips for inspection, but it should be noted that it is best to use morning urine urine for testing, and do not drink a lot of water before testing.If the last ovulation period is more than 10 days, you can go to the hospital for HCG testing in blood to diagnose whether you are pregnant.

Women are advised to prepare for pregnancy if they are prepared. If there is a pregnancy plan, they should do a good physical examination before pregnancy to exclude some gynecological diseases.

What is ovulatory period?

Each woman has a pair of ovarian. In addition to being able to secrete estrogen, it also has an important function is ovulation. Basically in each natural month, women have at least one egg mature, and mature eggs need to needDuring the body, this time is called the ovulation period.

Methods of ovulation period:

1. Model algorithm

Women can calculate the ovulation period according to their own menstrual cycle.Most women’s ovulation periods will be 14 days before the next menstruation.However, the specific ovulation time in clinical practice will also be affected by female emotions, physical diseases, environment, and so on.

2. Ultrasonic examination method

At present, many hospitals can observe the size of the female ovaries through a yin -type B -ultrasound, and then measure the size of women’s follicles through this form, and calculate the ovulation period according to the specific size.In most cases, women’s follicles will be 2 ~ 3 mm, and the closer to the ovulation period, the greater the follicles.Generally, when entering the ovulation period, the follicles can grow to about 18 mm.If the B -ultrasound is performed on the ovulation day, it is likely that the follicular rupture can be seen through ultrasonic waves.

Therefore, this method is currently used to detect the most accurate and direct way of ovulation day.Regardless of whether the menstrual cycle is regular, it can be determined in this way.

3. Test paper testing during ovulation period

This method is the most convenient type to test the ovulation period. Women can buy test strips by themselves and detect them at home. They usually need to be used for more than two weeks.Test once every 12 hours.

The above content is an explanation of "Is ovulation that proves not pregnancy?" In daily life, you must have a good mentality. Drink less carbonated drinks, and do not smoke and drink. This will adversely affect the reproductive system.We must pay attention to a healthy baby.

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