Dogs dreaming for 29 things you know

1. Please do not modify the rules frequently, such as whether you can get on the sofa, I will be confused

2. If I have abnormal behavior or hide, I may be sick

3. My life is very short, please accompany me more

4. When you leave home, the more he said goodbye to me, the more anxious I will

5. No yawning -must be that I have been sleepy, or may be nervous or scared. If I yawn in a row, please pay attention to the environment around me

6. If I am breathing, breathing, or even coughing, it is not because of a cold, or because the heart is bad, I have to maintain my heart, I can eat my heart beef ingot, which is very useful.

7. I am a bit selfish, I don’t like you to touch other little babies, but I can’t show it, I’m afraid you don’t like me

8. My memory is not as good as you. If I do something wrong, please tell me right away, otherwise I don’t remember what I have done.

9. If I can’t pull it out, I can give me pumpkin, it will be much smoother

10. There are ear mites. I can use boric acid borneols.This is cheap and huge useful

11. Conjunctivitis: chloramphenicol, used for inflammation and swelling of the eyes

12. Digestive: Eating fruits and vegetables appropriately, you can also use Mommy Ai to instead of probiotics to regulate the stomach

13. Ninety -eighth dogs will get dog moss, and to supplement me vitamin B to prevent it

14. Blood and bleeding can be used for me to use Yunnan Baiyao

15. Oral speech will affect my appetite. You can give me some watermelon cream

16. Frequent vomiting can give me feeding sulfur and aluminum tablets

17. You can give me a few egg yolks a week, and my hair can become more beautiful

18. Fever: Double Yellow Pieces

19. Cold, anti -inflammatory, nasal branch: Fast Nuo

20, arthritis: cartilantin

21, cough: fruit root, a small amount of water, drink plenty of water

22. Dissan and soft stool: 1/3 bags of Mongolian stone scattered, drinking warm water or mixing food

23. Black chin: Wipe the chin in the physiological saline, and then use the washing of inflammation.

24. Nasal branches: Doxishin+metronidazole (Tears sneezing+dot amoxicillin)

25. Tears and tears: Bobicycin eye drops

26. Cold, inflammation: Children Amoxicin, one -third of puppies, a large dog, once a day

27. Dog Moss: Kercimozole cream+iodine, twice a day, cut off the red and swollen place Mao Tong wind is good faster

28. In dog plague: 20 yuan on the test paper online

29. I will love you forever!

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