Don’t be afraid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, pregnant mothers have a good trick!

Hair loss, stretch marks, constipation … Pregnancy is always accompanied by such problems. Among them, hemorrhoids are also one of the troublesome troubles during pregnancy!Many pregnant mothers are wondering, "Why did I have no hemorrhoids before, how can I have hemorrhoids after pregnancy?"

In fact, pregnant women are indeed a high incidence of hemorrhoids, mainly because after pregnancy, women with high progesterone levels, slow gastrointestinal motility, and increasing uterus will compress the rectum and anus belowIt is easy to cause hemorrhoids. If there are hemorrhoids before pregnancy, symptoms may increase during pregnancy.

What should I do if the pregnant mother already has hemorrhoids?Can you apply medicine?How to do the fastest work?Don’t worry, there are these 5 methods in the circle, you might as well try:

1. Diet adjustment is the basis for treating hemorrhoids

Whether it is treatment or prevention of hemorrhoids, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber during pregnancy, such as celery, spinach, fungus, apples, etc.

After the pregnant mother gets up in the morning, she can drink a cup of saline or honey water to strengthen gastrointestinal motility, and eat more vegetables containing vegetables, such as sesame and walnuts.

Try not to eat or eat spicy food, do not overeating, so as not to cause constipation.

2. Appropriate anal lifting exercise and massage

Actrillers are very effective for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The anal lifting exercises twice in the morning and evening, the legs together, slowly clamp the anus when inhaling, and slowly relax the anus when exhaling.~ 40 times.

Then you can wash the anus with warm water at each stool, and then press the hot towel for a while to improve the local blood circulation.

3. Drop a bad bowel habit

Especially for pregnant mothers, when there is a intention, do not hold it hard, do not excessively work hard. If 10 minutes can’t work, go for a while and try not to read the mobile phone and read books when you take the toilet, otherwise it will increase the pressure of the anus and abdomen.It is easy to cause or exacerbate the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

4. Persist in good exercise habits

Pregnancy is not to do anything. Be careful to stay at home all day long, which is not conducive to the soothing mood.Reasonable and appropriate exercise can promote the function of digestion and absorption, and help pregnant mothers to absorb nutrients. Therefore, go out sooner or later to take a walk to avoid sedentary and physical permission. Doing some pregnant women’s gymnastics is also an effective means to treat and prevent hemorrhoids.

5. Take medicine under the guidance of a doctor

We usually use the medicine when he hemorrhoids, and we basically disappear, but the situation of pregnancy is special. Some ingredients in the drug may affect the fetus.Medicine.

In general, pregnant mothers have hemorrhoids, do not have to be too nervous, actively condition, symptoms can be improved and reduced, and will not affect delivery.

Prevention is far better than treatment. Usually, the first 4 o’clock of reminding circle reminders is definitely not a dream away from the trouble of hemorrhoids. I wish you a good pregnancy!

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