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"Love Crab," this name sounds like a harmless crab, but it contains toxins in its body.

On January 18, a netizen in Wenchang, Hainan, found that this crab was sold on a stall when he visited the seafood stalls in the market trade market.

On the morning of the 19th, the director of the Dongjiao Institute of Wenchang Market Supervision and Administration responded to the reporter that the local local has not heard of crab eating poisoning, but he will go to the market immediately to check whether this crab is prohibited from the sales list.

On the 18th, netizens took the stalls in Wenchang I and the main selling poisoned crabs

Local Municipal Supervisor: Will go to the market to investigate

"Wandering in the market in the town today, I found that a aquatic product stall is selling toxic and honest crabs!" Because recently, the "blue ring octopus" was passed on the Internet. On a social platform, a Hainan WenchangA video released by netizens on January 18 quickly attracted attention.

On the morning of the 19th, the reporter contacted Mr. Fu, who was posted by the post. After verification, he saw a stall selling suspected to love crabs in the east suburbs of Wenchang, Hainan.

According to Mr. Fu, "I did n’t know that I loved crabs before, and I also saw some netizens who had known it. At that time, I reminded the boss that this crab is toxic and cannot be sold!"

"But the boss said confidently that he was selling every day. He never heard the customer buy it back and eat poisoning. The boss also emphasized that this crab is called rouge." Mr. Fu said that he was a native of Wenchang, but in realitySomeone has poisoned, "It’s poisonous online, what’s going on?"

The same as Mr. Fu is also the director of the Dongjiao Institute of Wenchang Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.

On the morning of the 19th, after receiving the situation reported by the reporter, he said that he had never heard of the local crab eating poisoning. "Our crab doesn’t know much.What will be sold for the stall owner, we will go to the market to check it immediately. "

The reporter contacted Zhang Xu (ID: "Zhang Xiao Bee with Crab", which specializes in crab. At present, he and team members are commissioned by the National Nature Reserve of Hainan Dongzhai Port.Crab diversity surveys have a lot of knowledge of crab in Hainan. After seeing the video, he confirmed to reporters: "This is the upright (love crab)."

Zhang Xu’s integrity love crabs taken by Sanya, Hainan

Zhang Xu introduced that the crab himself does not have the ability to manufacture toxins. The toxins in its body mainly come from food accumulation. Most of the toxic crabs (mainly fan crabs) are eaten by algae or shellfish.After losing toxic algae or shellfish, these toxins will be accumulated into its body, mainly puffer fish toxins and clam claw toxins.

"In my country, Fujian, Guangdong, and Hainan, I love Jie Crab and another poisonous fine -grained love crab. They are often sold as bread crabs. Although occasional poisoning reports, there is no record of death."

Zhang Xu said that a large number of cases show that the symptoms of poisoning appear within 3 hours after eating crabs, accompanied by nausea, and then severe vomiting and diarrhea, as well as dizziness, difficulty, limb weakness, numb lips, and muscle paralysis.

Previously, citizens have mistakenly eaten toxic crabs for treatment

The reporter noticed that in recent years, incidents of being treated with upright crabs or other poisonous crabs have occurred in Guangdong, Hainan and other places.

In May 2020, the Hainan SAR News reported that Zhang Mou, a 40 -year -old citizen in the Emergency Department of Hainan Cancer Hospital, was purchased because of mistakes to "taste" as a bread crab to "try"., Lead to severe food poisoning.

In April 2021, local netizens in Zhanjiang, Guangdong also broke the news that two residents in Nanshan Town, Xuwen County accidentally eaten another poisonous fan crab family "Copper Classic Crab", which caused severe poisoning and was sent to the ICU to rescue.

"Hainan SAR News" related reports

Expert suggestions: Don’t try strange crabs

In recent years, on social platforms such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and B Station, some netizens or video bloggers have been posted that they have misrepresented or almost eaten up to love clean crabs, but those who eat them have not experienced poisoning symptoms.Therefore, in 2017, Zhang Chenliang, a famous popular science popular science V, who was still the "Museum" at the time, answered similar questions from netizens, and made it clear that it was poisonous if you loved cleaning crabs.It is not poisonous.This crab is best not to eat."

Zhang Xu also reminded: "Some studies have shown that the number of toxic algae or shellfish in some seasons increases (such as the period of red tide), which will increase the toxins in the crab body during this time."

Zhang Xu said that in 530 crab poisoning incidents recorded around the world, 37 deaths were still died, which was usually related to consumption.

How to quickly distinguish poisonous crabs?

Zhang Xu introduced that these poisonous crabs usually have one characteristic: thick and hard shell, thick claw feet, pointers are usually black, of course, this is not an absolute basis. "For your own safety, it is recommended that you do not be curious to try those strange strangeness.Strange crabs, but choose to eat those more common crabs. "

Regarding the blue ring octopus, Shenzhen reports the latest investigation situation

On January 17, a Shenzhen netizen posted on the Internet that his family bought a box of frozen small octopus at the Futian store in Sam Member Store a few days ago and opened it to find a blue ring octopus.(News retrospective: strong toxic and no detoxification agent! Hi toxic creature mixed with hot pot dinner plates, netizens exclaimed: knowledge changes destiny …)

On January 19, the "Shenzhen Market Supervision" WeChat public account released a news that for some netizens reported that it was mixed with a "blue ring octopus" in the octopus products purchased in the Futian Sam Member Store in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration was immediatelyStart the on -site verification, and the relevant situation is notified as follows:

Futian Sam membership stores can produce the business licenses, food production licenses, inspection reports and other certificates such as business licenses, food production licenses, and inspection reports of octopus products, and they are fully qualified. No Futian Sam member store has violated laws and regulations.Investigate the cities and warehouses of 27 Sam and Wal -Mart stores in the city, and no "blue ring octopus" was found.

At the same time, our bureau issued the "Food Safety Risk Tips" through official channels to remind consumers to prevent the safety risks of aquatic products; through industry associations, WeChat work groups, etc.In other units, the units urge all units to fulfill their purchase inspection obligations to enhance the ability to investigate the hidden dangers.

It’s about to be celebrated soon

Everyone is more concerned about the safety of the tongue

In addition

New Year’s Eve dinner for the Spring Festival

What foods to be "hid away"


Puffer fish

The puffer fish is small and cute, and the meat is also very tender.But don’t be confused by this appearance. Puffers are a toxic fish. Puffer fish toxins contained in are a very toxic marine biological activity substance.Under normal circumstances, the poisoning personnel will first have paralysis of lips and tongue, followed by motor nerve paralysis, and then the peripheral blood vessels dilatation, blood pressure decreases, and breathing difficulties. Finally, the consciousness slowly disappears, and the respiratory center is completely paralyzed until death.

There are currently no special effects of puffer fish poisoning.The State Administration of Market Supervision has explicitly banned food operators from operating and selling live puffer fish, puffer fish fish, and puffer fish products without legal qualifications.It should be noted that puffer fish toxins can not only exist in puffer fish, but also find it in the body of New worms, crickets, woven snails, and octopus.

However, although it has certain toxins, puffer fish can be eaten with confidence after professional treatment.Puffer fish contain nutrients such as protein and amino acids, and must be regulated correctly before eating.

wild fungi

In addition to seafood, wild bacteria is also a "hardest disaster" for food poisoning. Food poisoning caused by accidental eating toxic wild bacteria is common.

There are a variety of drugs in wild bacteria, with different shapes, complex toxic components, and some of the methods of identifying wild mushrooms circulating in the folk proven that it is not reliable.In June 2021, the article published by the "China Disease Prevention and Control Center Weekly" showed that from 2010 to 2020, a total of 10036 food -based mushroom poisoning incidents reported, resulting in 38,676 diseases, 21967 were hospitalized, and 788 people died.EssenceAmong them, the poisoning incident, diseases and deaths reported by Yunnan were the largest.

After eating wild mushroom poisoning at home, a simple method should be used to vomit: you can drink a large amount of warm water or dilute saline, and then use the spoon handle, chopsticks and other items to stimulate the throat for vomiting, and discharge the residual bacteria that have not been absorbed as soon as possible.Reduce the absorption of toxic substances and prevent the disease from worsening.

At the same time, you should go to the medical institution as soon as possible.Let poisoners drink a small amount of sugar and saline to prevent dehydration and shock.But do not force up water to his mouth for the coma to prevent suffocation.

Try to keep the wild mushroom samples eaten before the poisoning, and check the reference for medical treatment for professional institutions after testing.

These "poisonous foods" are easy to ignore

Liu Shaowei, a member of the Food Safety and a member of the expert group of the Shanghai Food Safety Research Association, said that compared with the erroneous seafood and poisonous wild bacteria, bacterial food poisoning caused by improper cooking or improper preservation in life abound.

Improper fermented food: On October 5, 2020, a family dinner for a family of chickens in Heilongjiang to eat sour soup (a kind of thick noodle -like staple food made after fermented with corn water), and then caused food poisoning, which eventually caused 9 people to die.It is reported that because the refrigerator could not be put, the frozen sour soup was taken out of the refrigerator and put it in a cool and humid place for a few days, and finally produced rice yeast acid.Rice yeast acid has no special drug, and the mortality rate after poisoning is 40%-100%.Black fungus that is soaked for a long time also produces rice yeast acid.

Because the fermentation tools, fermentation environments and processes in the home are not rigorous enough, for safety reasons, for safety reasons, food should be fermented with caution.

Moom and deterioration: Cutlomycin is also one of the more common toxins.As early as 1993, patentycin was designated as a type of carcinogen by the World Health Organization Cancer Research Agency. It was a very toxic and toxic substance, and 1 mg was a carcinogenic dose.Cuttamanicin likes to hide in moldy foods, especially peanuts, corn, beans and other foods with high starch content.If there is a peanut mildew, the whole packaging is thrown away, because the yellow mold is transmitted in the form of spores, and the food is very susceptible to moldy.

In fact, when the appearance of the food is obviously different, they should be vigilant, such as red -hearted sugarcane, a large number of potatoes with buds, and poisoning risks after eating.

It’s about "New Year’s Eve", Guangdong’s latest reminder!

New Year’s Eve

It’s a family happy reunion

The highlight of the New Year!

How about New Year’s Eve

Sare, rest assured, happy?

Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration

Release consumption reminder:

Family Preparation of New Year’s Eve

Choose fresh and clear sources of ingredients, clean and cook them carefully, and clean and use them in cooking and restaurants.

Wet powder products such as river powder, intestinal powder (rolled powder), Chencun powder, nunci, rice noodles (line), and soaked fungus or white fungus should be eaten on the day of purchase or soak on the day of the hair;

Cool dishes are going to be eaten now, but meals, but night;

If you choose five -finger Maao Peach and other ingredients, you must buy from regular channels. Do not buy soup materials with unknown sources;

Frozen food should be fully thawed before cooking to prevent the food center from heating;

The ingredients of the ancestors should be eaten after re -heat.

Prefabricated New Year’s Eve

To purchase semi -finished products such as potted dishes, New Year’s Eve food sets, etc., you should check the food production license/food production workshop registration certificate number, product production date, shelf life, consumption method and other logo information;

Check whether the outer packaging is complete and non -damaged, whether there are drum bags, whether there are color changes, whether there is odor, etc., whether the refrigerated frozen food is thawed, etc.

Before consumption, it should be fully thawed and heated. It is recommended that the temperature reaches 75 ° C, the heating time exceeds 10 minutes, and the one -time consumption should be completed to avoid meals overnight.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve dinner

Choose a meal for catering service units holding a valid "Food Business License";

Carefully eat high -risk food. If you choose cold foods and raw foods such as cold food, cooked food and raw aquatic products, you should pay attention to check whether the food business unit has related cold food and raw food varieties;

Do not eat wild mushrooms, broccoli, puffer fish, woven snails, and some products that may be toxic or parasitic risk.

New Year’s Eve takeaway

Check the merchant’s license information, dishes raw materials, store evaluation, etc., and place your order with caution;

Select a close -up catering unit to order to shorten the food delivery time;

After receiving the meal, check whether the packaging is complete, whether there are traces of being opened, whether the meal is contaminated, etc., and process or eat it in time, do not store it for a long time;

Try not to buy high -risk foods such as cold dishes, raw food and decorating cakes.

Develop good habits

Wash your hands before preparing meals at home;

Pay attention to personal hygiene, develop a good habit of washing your hands before meals;

Pay attention to scientific matching diet, eat more light healthy foods such as fiber, vitamins, and vitamins, and do not overeating;

When many people eat together, they advocate the use of public chopstick spoons;

Practice the "CD" operation to prevent the waste of drinking;

Do not eat the country’s key protection of wild animals and other terrestrial wildlife and other wild animals related to the law.

Do not eat fishing objects such as "Yangtze River Wild Fish", "Yangtze River White Fish", and "Yangtze River Murlon".

Other precautions

Food operators must strictly fulfill the main responsibility of food safety, strictly purchase inspections and certificates; catering service providers must strictly follow the restaurant service services (GB31654-2021), and the food safety operations of food and beverage.Purchase and use of nitrite to undertake a banquet annual meeting of the banquet of more than 100 people or the food for major events should be sampled by food.

Consumers should pay more attention to physical conditions and pay attention to the characteristics of food poisoning. Once uncomfortable reactions such as nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, etc., they should immediately stop eating suspicious foods, seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and retain suspicious food.

Report a complaint in a timely manner. If you find food behavior of illegal and illegally, please call the complaint reported call 12345, 12315.

What do you eat tomorrow?

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