Don’t drink water thirst, drink water swelling!How to "break" the problem of hydrating in summer?

After entering, the heat of summer reached its peak.It is difficult to cool in the heat, especially in the south. It is so hot that it is staying in a steamer. It has never stopped sweating for a moment.However, after a stomach water, some people will feel that the stomach is uncomfortable, the urination is not smooth, and the people are uncomfortable.It’s really difficult to drink water, and it is difficult to not drink water.

How to crack this problem?Lu Chuanjian, an academic leader and chief physician of Lingnan Building, Lingnan, Lingnan in Guangdong Province, said that at this time, a food -free food is arranged.It can not only refresh their thirst, but also do water conservancy and diuretic. It is "moisturizing" and "moisture" and "benefit water". It is very suitable for the current situation.This kind of food is actually very common, that is, winter melon in the summer.How does winter melon replenish water and water?CCTV China Famous Medicine will take you to find out.

The charm of winter melon: can "make up" and "benefit"

"Shen Nong’s Materia Medica Sutra" says that the winter melon is "sweet and cold", and the melon peel is beneficial to the effect of hydraulic diuretic, while the melon scoop has the effect of sweet and cold.Therefore, eating winter melon in the summer can make up for the "fluid" lost due to sweating, and on the other hand, it can guide the water to flow downward, making the urine discharge smoother.This can not only take away some heat, but also eliminate the bloating caused by drinking too much water.Therefore, in the hot and thirsty summer, drinking winter melon soup or winter melon tea not only sweetly relieves the heat, but also has an appetizer.

The mystery of appetizing: spleen and stomach are also afraid of "water deficiency"

Winter melon’s hydration water can not only clear the heat and heat the heat, but also improve the appetite due to the heat.In summer, the fluid in the spleen and stomach is deficient, just like the original filled river water becomes dry, the flow rate slows down, and the capacity of transportation naturally weakens.The sweet and moisturizing of winter melon can nourish the spleen and stomach fluid, but also promote the flow of moisture, making the spleen and stomach "vitality".

If the spleen and stomach are cold, and the melon soup is too cold, you can also add a few slices of ginger, which not only enhances the effect of water, but also reduces the cold.


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