Don’t flicker the pregnant woman anymore, these three things can be done, which has no great impact on the fetus

After women are pregnant, they become all for their children, and the elderly in the family will also talk about various taboos like pregnant women. Although there are some taboos that sound like there is no basis, pregnant women have heard them one by one for the good fetus.

Two days ago with my girlfriend who was pregnant for 6 months, my girlfriend usually liked spicy food, so I ordered a few spicy dishes, but my friends only ate those light dishes and soup, so I asked him why he asked him why he asked him whyDon’t eat spicy.

Girlfriends said that during pregnancy, it is best to eat some light meals, because her mother -in -law said that if she eats spicy food, she may not be conducive to fetal development, and may even cause more fetal poison in the body.In fact, some taboos during pregnancy are flicker, and they are not as serious as everyone say.There are taboos during pregnancy, but these three taboos can actually make abstinence!

Don’t flicker the pregnant woman anymore, these three things can be done, which has no great impact on the fetus

Do not do housework during pregnancy: After a woman is pregnant, there is an extra baby in her belly, so her body will naturally become more fragile than before pregnancy, and they need to take care of them more carefully.

But this does not mean that after women are pregnant, they cannot do housework at all. For pregnant mothers, do some housework that can be exercised to the body, but also can pass the time.Failure to fetal development.If you are sitting or lying down during pregnancy, you will not work, but it will not be conducive to fetal development.

During pregnancy, they cannot play mobile phones: After women are pregnant, many elderly people will put forward this statement. When they see pregnant women playing with their mobile phones, they will come forward to drink, and they will even confiscate the mobile phone of pregnant women.

The reason why it is not allowed to play with mobile phones is that there is radiation on the mobile phone, which will cause fetal malformation problems.In fact, the radiation of the mobile phone is very small, and it basically does not affect the fetus. Therefore, during pregnancy, normal use of mobile phones is generally no problem.

I ca n’t eat spicy during pregnancy: I mentioned above that my girlfriend ’s mother -in -law does not let my girlfriend eat spicy food, saying that it will produce fetal poisoning, causing the fetus to have a long birthmark. In fact, the correct explanation is that eating spicy food during pregnancy may cause pregnant women to get angry and constipation, and and and and and and.There is no fetal poison, or causes the birthmark.

Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women can eat spicy food appropriately, especially those pregnant women who love spicy food.But if you get angry during pregnancy, or if you have constipation, you should eat as little as much as possible, or not spicy.

During pregnancy, have your mother -in -law told you the above three things?Have you heard it?Do you have other questions or supplements on this question? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below. You can also pay attention to the editor and share some parenting knowledge every day.

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