Don’t guess the pregnant mother, these performances appear during pregnancy, indicating that the "little princess" may be "little princess"

From ancient times to the present, as long as the pregnant mother is pregnant, not only the pregnant mother’s family or the pregnant mother will be particularly interested in the gender of the fetus. The previous may be that there is a possibility of a male and female.Do not want children, but nowadays, family members want to know that the gender of the fetus is mostly to be able to prepare for children to better prepare for birth.

However, there are clearly stipulated in the hospital that doctors cannot tell the sex of the pregnant mother and the fetus of the family in advance, which makes many pregnant mothers make difficulties, but if you really want to know the gender of the fetus, then the pregnant mother can completely pass by some people who come over.Guess the experience, after all, sometimes it is still accurate.

Xiaohong gave birth to a cute daughter some time ago, and many novice pregnant mothers couldn’t help but run over to ask Xiaohong some pregnancy experience.I especially like to eat spicy food. Every time I have a meal, I have to mix some chili sauce to eat it before I feel enjoyable. So what is the old -fashioned girl of sour girls is sometimes accurate, and sometimes I can learn from it.

Therefore, if you want to know the gender of the fetus after pregnancy, don’t guess the pregnant mother. As long as the body appears, it may be a "little princess":

1. Sour spicy girl

This judgment standard can be said to have been circulating for many years. Many people say that this sentence is very unreliable, but the performance of many pregnant mothers in real life in real life really should really check this sentence, soSpeaking of some ancient words, I have to believe it.

If pregnant mothers are specially spicy during pregnancy, and often like spicy food, it may be a daughter, but pregnant mothers should also pay attention to eating spicy food, otherwise constipation during pregnancy is uncomfortable.

2. Pregnancy response

As we all know, the first three months after pregnancy, the pregnant mother will have a particularly strong pregnancy reaction, but some pregnant mothers do not happen. At that time, the cousin’s pregnancy response during pregnancy was particularly serious.What, in the end, she really gave birth to a cute daughter. When she was pregnant with two daughters, she looked like this.

My sister did not spit it once from pregnancy to production at that time, and finally gave birth to a son, so it was possible to directly determine the gender of the fetus through the strong pregnancy response during pregnancy. It also has a certain basis.

How many months are you pregnant now?Have you speculated that the gender of the fetus?What else do you better speculate on the gender of fetus?Welcome to leave a comment below and share it ~

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