Don’t miss crayfish in May, low fat high protein, buy 6 pounds 1 time, and do it correctly to eat

It’s the season for eating crayfish again. Every summer is the season when the crayfish is listed. Crayfish has the beauty of the "king of supper.", It captured the taste buds of many people, which makes people want to stop. Craently not only tastes good, but also has high nutritional value. It is rich in protein, which is higher than the protein content of many fish and shrimp.Trace elements are a high -protein and low -fat food, which has the effect of "replenishing and laboring and improving immunity".

However, whenever the crayfish is mentioned, the first reaction of most people is that the crayfish cannot be eaten, because it is dirty, and there are parasites or heavy metals exceeding standards, but in fact, most of the crayfish are breeding.To buy crayfish from regular channels, you generally do not have to worry about the heavy metals caused by the harsh growth environment. If you feel that the crayfish sold outside are not clean, you can try to do it at home. In the following article, you will also teach you the correct treatment method of crayfish.The crayfish you made at home will be more clean and economical.

Imagine that in the hot summer, open air conditioners, a spoonful of watermelon, and pour a glass of beer with crayfish. It is definitely the most comfortable thing in summer. There are many practices of crayfish.Lobster, on the basis of garlic fragrance, there is a spicy flavor, full of garlic, moderate spicy, and the specific operation method is very simple. Friends who like it can try it!

[Raw materials] Crayfish, beer, bean sauce, minced garlic, Xiaomi spicy, ginger, green peppers, dried peppers, dried peppers, green onions, white sesame, salt, soda, white vinegar, raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, white sugar;

[The practice of garlic crayfish]

1. Crashings are engaged in promotion, 98 yuan and 6 pounds. Compared with previous years, the price of crayfish this year is still relatively low, and it can still be selected;

2. Buy 6 catties of crayfish home in the sink, add a little baking soda, salt and white vinegar, stir well, soak for about 20 minutes, add these things to clean the stains on the surface of the crayfish Function, if it is not a clear water, the soaked water will be turbid. I am a clear water crayfish. The soaked water is not very turbid.

3. Then handle crayfish. This is the key to the clean and hygienic crayfish. First use a brush to wash the surface of the crayfish, especially the bottom. After the brush is cleaned, use scissors to cut the head of the crayfish, and the black shrimp stomach insideTake it out, take it out and grab the "small feet" of the crayfish, and pull down hard, the inside the gills inside are taken out, and finally pinch the middle part of the tail of the crayfish.Come out, clean the crayfish like this, and clean it, it is very clean;

4. After the crayfish is handled, prepare ingredients, a little more minced garlic, appropriate amount of millet spicy, ginger, green peppers, dried peppers, and green onions. In addition to the previous one, there are two important ingredients. One is beer.One is soy sauce, these ingredients are all the effects of removing incense.

5. The prepared garlic is recommended to clean it in water, which can remove the bitterness and make the taste of garlic crayfish better.

6, crayfish cooking generally requires too much oil. The family operates oil is too wasteful. You can add a little edible oil to the pot, and then divide the crayfish into 2-3 copies.Heat the pan, add a little more edible oil, add crayfish, turn on fire, wait for the lobster to change the pan, and the rest of the lobster can be operated like this.

7. After the lobster is oiling, start the ingredients, add the onion section, ginger, millet spicy, bean paste and a large part of the garlic minced garlic, stir fry the aroma, stir fry the aroma, add the lobster, pour a can beer beerThe amount of beer is almost the same as the crayfish, and start seasoning. Add dried peppers, a little raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, oyster sauce, and salt. Because there are too many lobster, it looks crowded.Boil 8-10 minutes, and the cooking time must be in place to better kill the bacteria in the crayfish.

8. After cooking, add the remaining minced garlic and green peppers before the pan, and then mix well to get out of the pot;

9. There is a large plate of lobsters in the pan, the shrimp is tight Q bomb, fresh and tender, the garlic flavor is strong, and the taste is particularly good;

Summary of the practice of garlic crayfish:

1. Calligraphy should be consumed in an appropriate amount. Excessive consumption will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines;

2. Dipping crayfish pay attention to: one case, two pressures, three mention, four pumps;

[How to choose crayfish]

1. Be sure to buy crayfish from regular channels. Do not buy the road unknown;

2. You can take a look at the abdomen of the crayfish. The transparent and clean quality of the velvet part of the abdomen will be better;

3. When buying, choose live shrimp, do not buy cheaper to buy dead shrimp, dial with your hands, the quality of active and agile shrimp is the best;

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