Don’t panic during pregnancy, see what the truth is

Bleeding during pregnancy will immediately be reminded of abortion? Therefore, many people will panic.But in fact, bleeding during pregnancy is not the same as miscarriage. Therefore, don’t worry first, let’s take a closer look at the cause of bleeding during pregnancy.

Early pregnancy bleeding

1. Breakal abortion

If the amount of bleeding is similar to menstruation, and it is accompanied by symptoms of lower abdomen swelling and pain, then it is likely to be a threatened abortion.There is a threatened abortion. It does not mean that the baby must not be kept. As long as the embryo is healthy, most babies can survive after treatment.The abortion that occurred in the early pregnancy is generally due to the poor quality of the embryo itself. For example, there are chromosomal abnormalities. This is the result of natural elimination. Only tested embryos can grow into a healthy baby.

2. Ectopic pregnancy

The amount of bleeding of ectopic pregnancy is slightly more drop -like, slightly less than the menstrual flow, and the color is dark red. It may be accompanied by the symptoms of pain on the lower abdomen.It is necessary to remind your mother that once ectopic pregnancy is ruptured, it may cause severe bleeding in the abdominal cavity, which is very dangerous and will endanger life at any time.Therefore, if there is a period of discontinuation for a period of time, the irregular vaginal bleeding occurs, you must go to the doctor as soon as possible.

3. Normal bleeding

Many pregnant mothers have a little bit of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy.If such bleeding occurs 6-12 days after pregnancy, it is likely to be bleeding caused by fertilized eggs in bed. The amount of bleeding in this condition is generally less, and the color and menstrual blood are very similar, which may last 1-2 days.In addition, after pregnancy, under the action of hormones, the blood vessels on the cervical mucosa will expand, the cervix becomes very fragile, and more intense movements or some other stimuli may also cause vaginal bleeding.If the expectant mother only discovered a bit of brown bleeding by accident, there are no other symptoms such as abdominal pain, and generally don’t need to worry too much.

Breeding in the third trimester

1. Early stripping placenta

If the pregnant mother has symptoms of abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding after the abdomen is impacted, it is likely that the placenta is early peeling.Once the placenta is stripped early, the baby may be dangerous at any time, and you must not take it lightly.

2, front placenta

The position of the placenta is too low, and some or all cover the palace mouth, which is called the front placenta. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta attached to the cervix is not extended with the cervix, so it may be stripped from the uterus.Causes bleeding.The front placenta has the risk of major bleeding. If vaginal bleeding occurs in the third trimester, and there is no abdominal pain, you must be alert to whether you are a front placenta, it is best to seek medical treatment in time.

3. Real estate

When the baby is about to launch, the uterine contraction and the cervical canal are expanded. There will be a small amount of mucus and blood out of the vagina. This is the often mentioned red. The amount of bleeding is generally smaller than the menstrual amount and the blood texture is thicker.Most of the pregnant mothers will give birth 1-2 days after seeing the red, but some pregnant mothers are born several days after seeing the red.If there are only a small amount of blood, pregnant mothers can observe first. If there is a regular abdominal pain, you must go to the hospital for delivery.

[Reminder] The above is the knowledge of bleeding during pregnancy, so when you find that he has signs of bleeding, you must not panic. You must calmly observe your specific situation, and then find a reliable doctor for consultation.Consultation.

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