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Are you pregnant, can you eat spicy?

I am pregnant, what do I need to do?

Are you pregnant, can you ride a bike?

Are you pregnant, can you take a plane?


What do you need to focus on early pregnancy?

1. Confirm pregnancy

Most women judge whether pregnancy is judged by the early pregnancy test strip after delayed menstruation. We recommend that you go to the hospital to confirm your pregnancy around 42-45 days of menopause.

In order to avoid such a problem:

1. Although the early pregnancy test strip appears positive, it is not pregnant. The clinical case is called the fake positive of the test strip.

2. Sperm eggs meet, but the fertilized eggs do not have bed, that is, biochemical pregnancy.

3. The embryo position is abnormal, and the fallopian tube pregnancy, the uterine corner pregnancy, and even the cervical pregnancy occur.

Early pregnancy examinations in the hospital generally include HCG and gynecological ultrasound.Some women think that it doesn’t matter how much blood is drawing, but they will resist gynecological ultrasound. They believe that it is not good for the fetus to do ultrasonic in early pregnancy; if it is a vaginal ultrasound, it will also worry about affecting the development of the fetus and causing abortion.

In fact, the ultrasound is not radiated, and if the fetus develops well, it is impossible to abortion by vaginal ultrasound.

2. Determine hospitals preparing to produce and establish perinatal health files.

Some of them are prepared for pregnancy, but there are unexpected pregnancy.In any case, you need to determine the hospital that will have children in the future as soon as possible.Because when establishing perinatal health archives, a more detailed examination will be performed. If there are other diseases, it is necessary to deal with it as soon as possible.

If there are anemia before pregnancy, there are problems such as thyroid disease, diabetes, etc., detailed assessment should be conducted in the early stages of pregnancy. If the current situation is not suitable for pregnancy, it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

In fact, there are some important indicators throughout pregnancy, and doctors will pay attention to monitoring. For example, the anemia during early pregnancy is not obvious, and severe anemia may be developed during the third trimester., Discover an abnormal early intervention.

For women with hepatitis B, in addition to monitoring liver function during pregnancy, they also need to prepare for the prevention of maternal and infant communication.

Third, pregnancy is a physiological state, not sick.

Regardless of whether it is pregnancy or early pregnancy, dietary principles and activity suggestions are consistent.Balanced daily diet can ensure nutrition during early pregnancy.It turned out to be spicy, and it was not uncomfortable after eating spicy after pregnancy. Of course, you can eat it.It turns out that things that do not like to eat, and there is no need to force it during early pregnancy, worrying that the lack of nutritional elements can be replaced by other foods.It should be noted that folic acid must be pregnant for at least 3 months. In fact, folic acid intake is required throughout pregnancy, but for neural tube malformations, taking folic acid from 3 months before pregnancy to 3 months after pregnancyIt has a preventive effect.

As for daily activities, doctors usually advocate that they maintain their previous habits.If you do n’t have exercise habits before pregnancy, you do n’t have to increase your exercise intensity after pregnancy.As for whether it is traveling, hiking, and exhaustion, it is easy to cause abortion, which is really difficult to determine the reason.Pregnancy is related to the physical condition of the whole person, and the proportion of abortion during early pregnancy is very high.In the past, it was said that it was best not to tell others for three months of pregnancy. It is said that it is unlucky. In fact, the main reason is that the natural abortion rate during early pregnancy exceeds 10%. The embryo chooses the uterine environment. The mother is also screening the qualified embryoThis is the natural choice.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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