Dr. Zhou answers (82): Early pregnancy and infusion, can this child want it?

[One question] Doctor, hello! My last menstrual period was November 3, and the fever began on December 2nd. At that time, it was 39 degrees. The fever lasted for 1 day.A bottle of left oxygen and penicillin, butt needle: Bupleurum, these medicines have been used for two consecutive days.Pregnant pregnancy on December 5th pregnancy test paper, can children ask for children? At present, blood HCG and progesterone have been checked. B -ultrasound can not be hit for the time being. I really eager to know. Can this child want it? There is no physical discomfort at present.Is there any risk of a child? I am the second child. I have not started to take a pregnancy response in pregnancy. I have a early pregnancy response when I am in the first child. Will this be related to me?Is the baby because of the problem? I also want to know what kind of consequences I use will have on the child. Does the fever affect the child? There are some saying on the Internet that the fever may make the child not so smartIf the child really has a problem, will there be a natural abortion? If the child has a problem, can it be found in the subsequent prenatal examination?

[One answer] The risk of fetal malformations in different pregnancy weeks is different (taking regular menstrual cycle 28 as an example).1. Unfamilized period: On the 14th-28 days of the last menstrual period, the effect of drugs on the embryo during this period is a "all or no" model, or it is okay, or there is no life (abortion). There is no intermediate ending, which will generally not cause fetal malformation.2. Sensitive period: 35-70 days of the last menstruation.The main organ development is during this period. For example, the brain is on the 29th-41th day of the last menstruation, the eyes are 38-43 days, the heart is 34-43 days, the limbs are 38-50 days, and the genitals are 40-76 days.During this period of time, it is easy to cause fetal malformations under harmful factors.3. Low sensitivity period: 11-40 weeks of the last menstruation.In this period of time, the placenta has been formed, and it has a barrier effect on most drugs, and the baby’s important organs have formed, and the risk of fetal malformations is greatly reduced.

On the 33rd day of the last menstruation (December 5), you have found pregnancy, indicating that your menstrual rules are normal.Your fever time is exactly the 30th day of the last menstruation (December 2), and this period is exactly the high -sensitivity period.In this period of time, fever will increase the baby’s risk. The impact of fever on the baby is uncertain. The type of specific risks, the probability of occurrence, and the ending of pregnancy cannot be accurately predicted.It may be found in subsequent inspections,

Levofloxacin has little effect on the fetus.The US Food and Drug Administration has a Class C in the pregnancy safety of Levofloxacin. Experiments have confirmed that Levofloxacin has no teratogenic effect on animal embryos and has an impact on adult skeletal systems.The half -life of Levofloxacin is about 6-8 hours.In other words, 99%of Levofloxacin has been cleared after 6 semi -half -life (48 hours = 2 days).Human fetal bones and limbs began to develop only on the 38th-50th day of the last menstrual cycle.

The time for you to use Levofloxacin is the 31st and 32nd days of the menstrual cycle. At 34 days of the menstrual cycle, there is almost no medicine in the body. It is still 4 days to develop 38 days before the bone starts to develop.In other words, when the baby’s bones begin to develop, Levofloxacin has been cleaned in the body, and it will have a smaller impact on the fetus or even.

Even if there is no medicine during pregnancy, the baby has 15%natural abortion and 5%risk of birth defects.Every pregnant woman must be brave to face these risks.For you, your risk is higher than that of normal people.Doctors cannot help you get your mind or not, or you can’t predict the ending of your child. You can only help you analyze the condition, evaluate risks, and provide a basis for your decision.

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