Dry goods: Guide to medication during pregnancy, expectant mothers must collect

Medication during pregnancy has always been a hot issue that physicians, pharmacists and expectant mothers care about. Can you use the medicine?How to use medicine?It really causes a headache.

What are the "disabled medicines" in the real sense?

Chemotherapy aminoxate: It has a wide range of treatment effects. In addition to tumors, it can also be used in systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Anti -virus drug Libavilin: It is still widely used to treat upper respiratory tract infections. Libavirin stopped at least June before preparing for pregnancy.

Different vitamin: Regardless of oral use, it is a favorable weapon against acne. It can only start pregnancy at least after March.

In addition, estrogen antherene, antimalarial quinine, Saliamine used to alleviate vomiting during pregnancy … These drugs have been rated as X -level in the past FDA pregnancy medication level.Clear teratogenic effects are disabled for pregnant women.

During the medication, strict contraception is needed to avoid unnecessary trouble.After a period of stopping the drug (varying from the type of medicine, you need to follow the doctor’s advice) before starting to prepare for pregnancy.

How to use medicine during pregnancy?

Who is not uncomfortable in October?Common symptoms during pregnancy are more scientific ~

1. Pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy can be given vitamin B6 10-20 mg/time, and take it 3 times a day.If vomiting is severe, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

2. Anemia during pregnancy

The demand for iron in the second half of pregnancy has increased, and it is obviously insufficient by replenishment of diet.

3. Muscle spasm

The lower limb muscle spasm may be calcium deficiency, which can supplement calcium, 600-1500mg daily.

4. Constipation during pregnancy

Eat more fruits and fruits with high cellulose content. If necessary, use lactose sugar to use cautiously use open dew and glycerin bolt, disable magnesium sulfate, and should not be enema, so as not to cause miscarriage or premature birth.

5. Her fever during pregnancy

It is best to use analgesic drugs when a fever exceeds 38.5 ° C. Acetaminophen is a safer choice.

6. Skin itching

You can choose stove -Ganshi washing agent.

7. Infection during pregnancy

Bacterial infection is safer to use penicillin, tadpole, and Azithromycin.Portococular infections can be used to use clonole.

Will the cold take a small pill?

To understand the principles of medication during pregnancy more accurately, you must also understand from the effects of drugs on the impact of embryo and fetal development in different periods ~

Within 2 weeks after fertilization

Within 28 days after the fertilization (28 days of menstrual cycle, within 28 days of stopping menstruation, and within 35 days of the period of 35 days, the fertilized eggs have not been bed, and the impact of medication on the baby is "all" or "none"."All" manifests the early death of the embryo and causes natural miscarriage.(As long as the baby is still, it means that there is no effect)

3 ~ 8 weeks after fertilization

3 to 8 weeks after fertilization are the division of embryo organs. The embryo began to discharge and develop. After being affected by harmful drugs, it may produce abnormal morphological abnormalities and deformities.However, during this time, each organ developed differently, and the judgment on the effects of drugs was different.For example, the limbs and eyes are developed 24 to 46 (about 6-9 weeks of menopause) after fertilization. If the drugs used during this period of time belong to it, it will not affect the development of the fetus (such as bones, cartilage) and eyes.The probability of affecting the fetus is very small.For specific circumstances, you need to consult a physician or pharmacist for evaluation, and further confirm whether the drugs have adversely affected the fetus.

9 weeks after fertilization ~ Full Moon

9 weeks after fertilization ~ The full moon is the stage of fetal growth, organ development, and perfect function. Only the nervous system, genitals, and teeth are still differentiated, especially for the differentiation, development, and hyperplasia of the nervous system., Avoid the use of drugs that affect these parts.Due to the failure of fetal liver enzymes that completely lead to slow drug metabolism and high blood and brain barrier permeability, if improper drugs are used at this time, it is easy to accumulateDamage can be manifested as abnormal growth of fetal growth, low birth weight and functional behavior.


The methods of medication during different pregnancy are not the same

"As long as you have taken medicine during pregnancy, you will have an abortion"

This statement is wrong

What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Before using any drug (including over -the -counter drugs), you should consult a physician or pharmacist. Do not buy it yourself.If you do n’t need medicine, you do n’t use it. If you do n’t use it, try to avoid use 3 to 8 weeks after fertilization (about 5-12 weeks).

2. Record the time, name (can be left for a pill), the last menstrual time, and the usual menstrual cycle, so that the drug can provide detailed information as much as possible when the drug affects the fetus.

3. If chronic diseases such as thyroid disease, epilepsy, systemic lupus erythematosus, asthma, etc., the expectant mothers who need to take medicine for a long time need to inform the doctor in time to prepare for pregnancy and pregnancy to adjust the medication.Do not stop the medicine by yourself, so as not to cause the original disease to worsen and may have a greater impact on both sides of the mother.

4. expectant mothers who use "disabled medicines" need to strictly contraception to prevent problems before they occur. Specific mothers who take other drugs without knowing their pregnancy can consult the professionals to evaluate risks, check on time, find problems in time, and find problems in time and find problems in time and find problems in time.deal with.

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