During pregnancy, but my husband is still asked to AA?

My name is Su Jing, 34 years old.Whenever I see myself in the mirror, I can’t get into deep thinking.Everything starts with my pursuit of love, and then ups and downs, to my current situation.

Six years ago, I met the current husband Zhang Tao.His wisdom and humility made me addicted.I believe that that was the moment I was lost in love.My thought mode was dominated by the taste of love. I was stupidly believed that the gifts and wedding rooms were all things outside the body, which was not worth mentioning.

But I was wrong.The hardship of marriage is not in economic difficulties, but the deprivation of dignity.After marriage, Zhang Tao even proposed the AA system.

I remember when I was sitting on the table and watching him carefully divide our bills, I began to doubt my decision.I asked him, "Zhang Tao, we are husband and wife, why do we still have to engage in the AA system?"

He looked at me with a smile, "Jing, although we are married, we must also be fair. Do you not want us to have a lot of trouble and quarrel due to economic problems?" He said.

I swallowed my complaints and told myself that he just wanted to be fair.However, when I was pregnant, his indifference shocked me.

When I get pregnant, everything becomes more complicated.He still insisted on the AA system, even if I lay in bed for a whole day, I couldn’t stand up.

I have to speak, "Zhang Tao, I am uncomfortable now, and we are pregnant with our children, can you not take care of me? It’s already this time, can’t you relax a little bit?"

He looked at me indifferently, "Jing, I don’t want the child’s idea now, it is you want. This is your choice, you have to face the problem brought by your choice yourself."

At that moment, I knew that I didn’t find the love I wanted, but was bound by the so -called love.

Until one day, his mother was sick.The news of his mother’s illness was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, breaking the calmness of the collapse between me and Zhang Tao.He hopes that I put aside everything to take care of his mother, but I have my life and I have my plan.I told him that it was his mother. It had nothing to do with me. You have to face it yourself. I plan to travel. He didn’t speak, but I saw the disappointment in his eyes.

My relationship with Zhang Tao is getting more and more alienated, and I can see the anger and disappointment in his heart.I know I can’t change him or this situation.

After a long torment, I decided to divorce.In court, I told him, "Zhang Tao, you say you want to be fair, you say you respect me, but everything you do prove that you do not respect me. You understand the wrong fairness and peace.A family, I can’t feel a little love and respect in this family. "

He was silent, just watching me silently.I saw the regrets and blame in his eyes, but more helpless.I know, I made the right decision.I need a respect for me, waiting for me, taking care of me, and making me feel like and loved by the loved one.

Now, I look at myself in the mirror, full of peace and satisfaction in my heart.I know that I found myself and found what I want: respect, equality, care, and love.

This is my story, my name is Su Jing.I hope my story can inspire you and let you understand that love is not sacrifice, not patience, but respect, equality, care and love.Are you willing to share your story?I am waiting for you to comment below.

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