During pregnancy, can a baby dream judge the baby’s "gender"?Listen to what the obstetrician says

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It is said that "in October pregnant, once childbirth", during the whole pregnancy, don’t look at only ten months, but in less than a year, it is "long" after a year, but it is relatively "long".of,

During the whole pregnancy, pregnant women have to go through many things, such as pregnancy vomiting, drowsiness, dyspnea, edema, pubic pain, inconvenience of mobility, etc. If these physical discomfort can overcomeIt is the most annoying Bao Ma,

During pregnancy, almost all pregnant women will have "fetal dreams", and maybe they usually dream. However, pregnant women are more sensitive during pregnancy. They feel that "fetal dreams" are closely related to the baby.The way of communication, and even, some Baoma feels that "fetal dreams" can judge the baby’s gender.

Nuo Nuo15fd0: Dreaming of a aunt holding two peaches, one big, one is particularly small, let me choose one, I took the particularly small one because it looked at pink and red, very cute.As a result, I gave birth to a son and gave birth to very young. I was only four pounds. Now I am one year old and I am particularly petite.

Miss Luo family: When I was pregnant, I dreamed of being chased by the little green snake, who had always been special, and finally bit my fingers. I was pinched to death. Later, I dreamed of being followed by a little girl.No, I couldn’t take it home in the end, and obediently followed the son to call his brother.For more than three months, the girl is checked for 26 weeks. It is now 30 weeks and officially entered the late pregnancy.I hope not to turn around, as a healthy and beautiful girl.

192: Dreaming of black dragons, especially large, in the water, spray water, swing tail, and tell colleagues that colleagues must be a boy. Now 35 weeks of pregnancy, you can reveal the answer immediately!

Summer Nancheng 817: When I was pregnant with Dabao, I checked the doctor when I was able to distinguish the gender. The baby could not be found without cooperation.During pregnancy, it was found to be a girl.

There are BC everywhere: I am also a golden dragon in the early days of pregnancy.My husband also dreamed of a golden dragon.So the son was born in December 20th.

In fact, the fetal dream is just a mother’s obsession. When the mother does my best to want a baby baby, she will have a dream about boys because of her obsession. Therefore, the older generation will feel that the mother is born.It must be a male baby,

Therefore, this is the truth that "there is something in the sun and the night". Many times, because the mother cares about the gender of the child in her belly, she will have such a bizarre dream.

However, it is better to relax the heart. After all, it is not what we can decide by men and women, but it is better to conform to destiny. Moreover, the child’s gender has formed from the moment of sperm and eggs.

Even doctors judge that their children are judged based on chromosomes and sexual organs. Therefore, those mothers who feel that "fetal dreams" are the tips that the fetus can give himself can "wash and sleep."

In fact, Baoma during pregnancy should pay more attention to her mental state and physical condition, so as to make the future baby grow healthy in the future. Only when Baoma rests, the baby will be healthier.There are few people who still have the old thoughts of "heavy men and women". They are attached to the sex of the baby, and they are just the curiosity of Bao Ma, so what Bao Ma should not think about it must not be too tangledThis is not good for future babies.

After reading this article, do you believe that the baby dream can predict the baby’s gender?What dreams do you have during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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