During pregnancy, even a small amount of alcohol can cause children’s facial changes

The facial changes of 9 -year -old children are related to the exposure of alcohol before childbirth.The stronger red display feature depression, stronger blue display features are more prominent.(Liu, et al., Human Reproduction, 2023)

Drinking only one glass of wine every week during pregnancy is related to the permanent changes of the child’s facial features -there may be their cognitive ability.Dutch researchers used 3D imaging and deep learning algorithms to study more than 200 characteristics of more than 5,600 school -age children’s faces.They found that the facial features of children who drinking children during pregnancy are different from the facial features of unbroken children.

Drink only 12 ml of wine every week -or a standard drink of alcohol -it is related to the permanent change of the child’s face.Compared with children born of mothers who do not drink during pregnancy, contact with alcohol before delivery will lead to further high chin.

The exposure of alcohol in the uterus is also related to the short and slightly upturning of the nose and slightly degenerating the area under the eyes.

This impact seems to be weakened with age, and the facial changes in the 13 -year -old group are not as obvious as the 9 -year -old group.

Most mothers who drink during pregnancy have also drank wine three months before pregnancy.

Researchers wrote: "Our research shows that women who are pregnant or want to get pregnant as soon as possible should quit alcohol a few months before conception, and completely quit alcohol during pregnancy to avoid bad health consequences in offspring."

Child facial changes

As children’s prenatal alcohol exposure increases from left to right, facial changes have become more obvious.

It is manifested as stronger red (display feature depression) or stronger blue (display more prominent features).(Liu, et al., Human Reproduction, 2023)

During the pregnancy, a large amount of alcohol has been considered to cause the so -called fetal alcoholic spectrum disorder, and the facial, cognitive ability and behavior of the baby will change characteristic changes.

"I will call my face a ‘health mirror’ because it reflects the overall health of the child," said Gennady Roshchupkin, an epidemiologist at the Ilasms Medical Center in the Dutch Medicine Center.

"Children’s contact with alcohol before birth will have a significant adverse effect on healthy development. If the mother often drinks a lot, it may cause the fetal alcoholic scores, which will be reflected on the child’s face."

Babies with this syndrome often have a very thin upper lip, nose and upper lip (in the middle) of the smooth skin, smaller eyes and upturned noses.They often encounter difficulties in attention, memory tasks, homework and social aspects.

Babies with typical facial features related to fetal wine essence score.(Trysa Kelleman/Wikipedia)

A previous study shows that the amount of drinking less than 70 grams per week during pregnancy will affect the baby’s skull development.

The recent research is the first time that the amount of drinking is as low as 12 grams per week.

In fact, health consultants believe that not the development of infants without birth, not many alcohol is considered to be absolutely harmless.

This paper was published in the magazine of "Human Reproductive".

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