During pregnancy, if pregnant mothers have this abnormal situation, they should seek medical treatment in time, don’t harm the baby because of great intentions.

The tomato mother has something to say: During the forty weeks of pregnancy, it was full of tests for mothers. They dare not relax for a moment, and they were afraid that there would be any impact on the small fetus.In this special and happy period of time, expectant mothers are really hard. She seems to forget herself. As long as the baby is good and can develop healthy, this is the greatest satisfaction in the heart.

But during pregnancy, what should be noticed by pregnant mothers must not be careless.During pregnancy, if pregnant mothers have such abnormal situations, they should seek medical treatment in time, and do not harm the baby because of great intentions.

Xiaoyun is an accounting of a unit. It has been 35 weeks pregnant and currently at home.However, there are still some jobs for her to handle it. She feels that she will not be too tired, so she promises to work at home.On this day, her fetus moved a little bit, and it felt like an abnormal situation, because her baby was particularly affectionate before, and it had to move many times a day, but today it was relatively quiet.

Xiaoyun didn’t think about it. He hurried to the hospital and learned that he learned that it was precocious placenta, causing fetal hypoxia.She did not qualify for fetal heart monitoring several times. Later, the doctor said that she needed an emergency caesarean section.In the end, everything went smoothly. Her baby was born safely. Except for a little weight, everything else was very good.

But if she did not take the baby’s fetal movement abnormally that day, or when her husband went back to the hospital, the baby’s situation may not be very good.

So, what happens during pregnancy?

1. Specific mothers follow the doctor’s advice.

There are many mothers who don’t want to make their emotions too nervous. With the relationship of personality, they don’t seem to be too worried. They feel that letting the baby develop itself. Such negligence has no benefit to themselves and the fetus.

Usually do not pay attention to the baby’s situation, such as changes in fetal movement, not on time of the birth check, or simply not to go to the delivery examination. In this way, the fetus is hypoxic, and the final consequences are more serious.

2. The baby has been fully developed.

After eight months of pregnancy, the older fetus grows older, and the organs have become mature. At this time, as the height and weight continues to increase, the space in the uterus is limited, and the fetal activity space is getting smaller and smaller.The danger of oxygen needs to be vigilant for mothers.

3. The placenta has been aging.

By the third trimester, the placenta was not as dynamic as before, and it gradually showed signs of aging. At this time, it was also a dangerous stage.Moms need to be checked in a timely manner to understand the number of placenta. When necessary, the cesarean section needs to be performed early to avoid hypoxia.

4. Inappropriate sleeping position of pregnant mothers.

By the end of pregnancy, the pregnant mother must lie on the side for multiple side. We also clearly feel that it is more comfortable, and the left side will be better.The doctor told us that such a sleeping position can better blood supply to the fetus, which is good for development.If we lie flat, the mother may feel dizzy and nauseous, can’t breathe, and it is easy to cause fetal hypoxia.

Each fetus is a precious life, and we need to take care of it.In order to prevent the fetus from hypoxia, let them be born smoothly and welcome this beautiful world, we must help the mother to pay attention to these things together.

1. Strictly check the production inspection in strict accordance with the prescribed time

Some mothers are very busy at work. They need to go to work in seven or eight months of pregnancy. This is understandable, but everyone must take the belly of the fetus and balance this relationship.

When the pregnancy examination is the time to get off, especially after seven or eight months, the fetal condition will change at any time, and timely pregnancy examinations can be more secure.After the examination, we can understand the situation. We know that the fetus is healthy and there is no hypoxia, and we also discovered.Once some small conditions occur, with the help of a doctor, everyone can deal with it in time, not affecting the health of the baby and mother.

2. Mom Bao learns to count several fetal movements herself

Whether fetal movement is normal is a standard for determining whether the baby has a lack of oxygen. He insists several times a few times a day, so as to find abnormalities in time and avoid hypoxia in the baby’s palace.

After 28 weeks, we have to start monitoring fetal movements and teach you some small methods for counting fetal movements.First choose the daily fixed time, usually in the morning, middle and evening, each time it takes an hour.Sit quietly, or lie on the bed, and feel the fetal activity seriously.The number of fetal movements of these three times is multiplied by 4. This is about 12 hours of fetal movement. It needs to be more than 20 times, and it cannot exceed 100 times.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise

Mother -in -law must know how busy to control her behavior and emotions. No matter how busy is it, I ca n’t exercise too much. Do n’t worry too much to make you stable.

The first is behavior. If the amount of exercise is too large, the small fetus will be particularly active. There is a lot of activity in the belly. This will easily change their position back and forth. The umbilical cord is likely to around the neck, which will occur in the risk of hypoxia.

In terms of emotions, some pregnant mothers are too nervous and are prone to lose their temper. The irritable emotions will also make the baby very frequent and affect their development.Don’t stimulate your baby, calm your mood, don’t work hard, and develop a good habit of schedule.

"Mom" is the greatest title in the world. They are really not easy. From the moment they are pregnant, they have started working hard for this little life.We are distressed by all the mother, hoping that this hardship can harvest what they want. I hope that all babies can be born healthy. When they hear your first cry, all the tiredness has disappeared.

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