During pregnancy, my mother’s belly is itchy, not necessarily the cause of the season, pregnant mothers can be attentive!

In spring, everything recovers, plants grow, the air has more floral fragrance, and catkins and pollen.

In this season of peach red willow and green, although the climate is pleasant and the scenery is beautiful, it is more annoying for pregnant mothers -itchy on the body!

Especially the belly, red and swollen, I want to catch it and dare not catch it. It is like a lot of little ants crawling on it. It is really itchy!

What should I do if I have a baby in the stomach and dare not take medicine and wipe the ointment?Can you only endure it?

Uncle milk tips: Itching is unbearable, not only pregnant mothers, but also babies in the stomach.

Many pregnant mothers have symptoms such as pollen allergies before pregnancy, so it will itch, sneezing, runny nose, nose blockage, poor breathing, etc. in the spring.swelling.

Except for seasonal reasons, 20%of pregnant mothers will have itching.

The main reasons are dry skin, allergic dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, drug rash, and itching of bacterial infections, etc. Do you have it?

The above skin problems have no direct connection with pregnancy, so it is important to prevent, keep clean, and stay away from allergens.

However, because the immune system is more sensitive during pregnancy, it may be more serious than before pregnancy.

The causes of these itching below are related to pregnancy. It has no great impact on the fetus: Early hairstyle pregnancy pruritus: Most of them occur in the early stages of pregnancy, and the limbs will feel itching.Pregnancy itching urticaria and plaques: Moms and multi -pregnant mothers who have occurred in the first pregnancy are easily erupted in the last four pregnancy. The belly will be very itchy, and many pregnant mothers will not be able to sleep.Terracence folliculitis in pregnancy: It is mostly in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy. It looks a bit like acne, which is generally in the trunk and limbs.

The following kinds of itching has a great impact on the baby. Do not care about pregnant mothers: the accumulation of bile stasis in the liver during pregnancy: jaundice, abnormal liver function, bile acid increased pregnancy and mateVery itchy rash or blister herpes -like pus: Future pustules, fever and cold pregnancy pimples dermatitis: whole body skin will appear rash

Especially in pregnancy, the diseased disease rate is higher than the other three diseases, which is very dangerous to the baby.

Want to know the specific reason?Uncle grandma takes you to look down.

Because the level of high hormone in the body affects the metabolism of bile in the body, the increased bile acid and gall salt will increase the skin itching;

In addition, there are genetic factors, such as the mother and sisters of pregnant mothers and sisters have had intrahepatic cholecotus stasis during pregnancy, and the risk of this disease is relatively high;

Sometimes it is also related to the climatic season, and the incidence in winter will be higher than summer.

This type of itching mostly appears after 30 weeks of pregnancy, and it also appears earlier.

It is light during the day, heavy at night, itching is more itching from the palm of the palm, and gradually spreads throughout the body. The limbs and abdomen will cause scratches due to scratching, and a few pregnant mothers will also have skin jaundice.

Due to the increase in bile acid in the blood of pregnant mothers, the toxic effect is more harmful to the baby in the stomach, which can cause the fetal internal distress or even sudden death, and the mortality of newborn is higher than normal newborn.

Therefore, once it is itchy in the skin, pregnant mothers should not feel tolerance, let alone apply the ointment by themselves, and go to the hospital for treatment in time.

In addition to going to the hospital to find a doctor for treatment, pregnant mothers must also do a good job of prevention:

Stress and emotional excitement will aggravate itching, so pregnant mothers should relax.

Pregnant mothers who are allergic to pollen, try to avoid excessive plants, especially in spring.

Because of ultraviolet stimulation, eczema and itching will also be aggravated.

Because after constant scratching, the skin often becomes red and scratching, causing the epidermis to fall off, which will cause skin thickening and deepening of the skin, and then aggravate itching, and even cause purulent infections.

Wearing all -cotton underwear, mainly loose, breathable dressing style, to avoid chemical fiber and tight clothing.

Do not use water with high temperature or alkaline soap when taking a bath, because it will increase itching.

Such as eating less irritating foods such as pepper, ginger, raw garlic.The intake of seafood should be appropriate because seafood can aggravate skin itching.

Pregnant mothers need to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Local itching can be coated with mint phenols, camphor cream, camphor pyrodolite, and camphor. If necessary, you can use hormone ointment with small side effects in the short term, such as Ailoson.

Itching of the whole body can take sedatives or dehydration agents in a short period of time, such as oral poker sensitivity tablets, Shule stable tablets, and can take B vitamins and vitamin C at the same time.

In addition, calcium glucose can be injected orally or intravenously.

Milk powder, if you have itching on you, don’t catch it with your hands.

Milk powder, have you been itchy on your body?

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