During pregnancy, pregnant women often cry because they are in a bad mood, and they dare not cry when they know the consequences


After many women are pregnant, the one that is the most said by the old people is: Hey, the young people are really delicate now, and we are about to live in the ground!Do you feel familiar to this?

When I was pregnant, I was hospitalized because of a threatened abortion. My mother -in -law still said that I was coquettish in the ward in the ward. After my mother -in -law left, several of us began to discuss this topic.They talk about their own bitter history, and there are many people who often cry because they are in a bad mood. It turns out that every pregnant woman has so many troubles.

In fact, when mentioning this topic, many mothers have said that there are too many helplessness. Everyone knows that this is not good for the fetus, but I can’t control my emotions. As a person who comes, I especially understand this mood. When I am pregnant, I am also pregnant.I cried a few times, and once I was more serious, I went to the hospital!

At that time, the stomach was only 7 months old, because my husband and mother -in -law quarreled. They quarreled loudly. I was worried about the baby who affected me.There was an opinion on me. She was angry and didn’t go home for a day. I asked Dabao to call her and want to see where she went. She didn’t answer it. I called my cousin and sister because I was a little worried about the elderly., Let them help contact, she did not pick up. We went to the old house to find the previous house, and went to my sister’s house. There was no. At night, my dad took her home. I wanted to go out to the living room to find my mother -in -law.I comforted her, but I didn’t finish my first sentence, so I shouted loudly by my dad: "Don’t talk to her!" Hey, I was also scared at the time, but I was more worried about the baby in my stomach was scared.When I arrived, I turned back to the room immediately without saying a word, and returned to the room and lay on the bed. The more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable, and then I cried alone. I was hospitalized twice because of a threatened abortion.I was also scared. After crying for a while, I hinted that I stopped, but it didn’t take long, and I cried sadly. Until I felt that my stomach was slowly drumming, it became harder and harder. In the end, I felt that my stomach was going down.After falling, I started to panic, and quickly asked my husband to take me to the hospital. After the examination, the doctor said that there were signs of premature birth. You better prepare in your heart.EssenceThe doctor said that if a 7 -month -old fetus is premature, he can only hold it out in advance. After coming out, you must live in the insulation box to observe. The probability of survive is there, but it is not 100 % guaranteed.The adjustment of adjustment until the full moon is best. If you often feel bad now, it will be difficult to wait until the full moon. When you hear these fear, you will be discharged from the hospital to keep the fetus.Be cautious, I dare not make emotions anymore, I dare not cry anymore, and go out alone when I have nothing to do.Fortunately, when nine months, the baby was born.

Some people often say that pregnant women are more coquettish and difficult to serve!In fact, for this issue, I think our women should face it and have nothing to shame, because after pregnancy, we will change a lot, such as loss of appetite, nausea, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, frequent urination, urgency, etc.Unwilling will affect the emotions of pregnant women. After pregnancy, the level of hormones in the body of a woman will also change. These changes are likely to cause the pregnant woman’s emotional excitement, depression, anxiety, sensitivity, emotional instability, etc. These are actually normal phenomena. IfYou can remind the people around you in advance that when you are in a bad mood, I hope they can understand and tolerate more, but the people around you can understand you, and the baby in the stomach is not fair!Because our sad crying will bring the following damage to the baby.

1. It is easy to cause premature birth, this is definitely not alarmist!When pregnant women are severely hit, they cannot resist, the spirit is too frustrated, and even sad, it is easy to cause uterine bleeding, premature birth, premature placenta, and so on.Pay special attention to this during the third trimester.

2. It is easy to cause miscarriage. According to clinical research, the personality of pregnant women has a great impact on the future of the child. For example, during pregnancy, pregnant women fluctuate greatly, often crying, and temperament.Okay, this is the most likely to cause miscarriage in the early pregnancy. The reason is very simple.

3. It is easy to cause fetal malformations. Have you ever heard that there are abnormal babies such as rabbit lips and cleft palate?Do n’t believe it. Some reliable data found that starting in the second month of pregnancy, the fetal cavity top and the maxillary bone of the fetus began to develop and form. At this time, if the pregnant woman often fluctuates that the emotions often fluctuate, they often cry, which will easily occur.

4. It is easy to affect fetal movement, especially in the late pregnancy period, the mothers of pregnant mothers fluctuate in great emotion, often crying, and poor mental state, which will make the mother’s blood circulation unobstructed and cause hypoxia. In this case, the number of fetal fetal movements will increase or decreasePhenomenon.

5. It is easy to prevent the fetal growth in the future. If the pregnant woman is depressed or excited for a long time, it will not only affect the development of the fetus, but also the baby after birth will be more restless, crying, poor sleep, chaotic digestive function, and comparison with adaptability ability.Difference.

Therefore, for your mother, for the babies in the stomach, we must remember that don’t cry sadly. We must learn to be strong and learn to control your emotions. When you are very aggrieved and you really can’t control your emotions, you can’t control your emotions, you can’t control your emotions, youYou can say sorry to the baby in the stomach. You have to tell him that your mother loves you, and the mother will not cry!Then, slowly calm your emotions, you can constantly imply that your baby is the first place. Everyone and things that make you unhappy are farther!Except for the baby, the rest is strong, strong, and not strong and there are other ways?No, so, you can only continue to be strong!Mom, we will be strong together in the future!

Hello everyone, I am Xi Xi. I like to share all kinds of realistic little stories in my life every day. I hope my perception of life will be helpful to everyone.Next time I will share: What does pregnant women eat better for fetal development? Please pay more attention.

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