During pregnancy, wisdom tooth pain is unbearable, unplug, or not?

Reporter: Xu Ruijie, correspondent: Jin Youren Chen Sihui

Half a year ago, Ms. Wang checked her two wisdom teeth at the Stomatology Hospital, but because she had no symptoms and no pain, she was not serious. Until two months of pregnancy, her teeth were suddenly painful.The food was so painful that she paid attention to it.During this time, the whole family was very anxious and worried that she was worried about the nutrition of her and her baby because of wisdom teeth.

At the office of Zhang Fulan, director of the Department of Stomatology, the Hankou Hospital, the patient’s husband said anxiously: "Doctor, my wife’s teeth hurt a week, and I used to take some anti -inflammatory medicine for a few days.With pregnancy, I do n’t dare to get an injection nor dare to take medicine. What should I do? "After careful examination, Director Zhang found that the patient’s left mandibular wisdom tooth was inflamed.After eating at home, I rinse their mouths and flush their teeth. In recent months, they have paid more attention to oral hygiene in recent months.

Zhang Fulan, director of the Department of Stomatology of Hankou Hospital in Wuhan, reminded that due to the changes in endocrine hormones during pregnancy and the characteristics of pregnant women’s diet, the incidence of wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan during pregnancy will be several times higher than normal people.Especially in the later stages of pregnancy, the fetal growth and development are fast, which is more likely to cause anemia for pregnant women and relatively poor nutrition. When the body’s resistance is decreasing and the local bacterial toxicity is enhanced, it is easy to cause the acute attack of the crown inflammation, which will affect the eating, chewing, and swallowing.Or cause restrictions on the mouth, which can cause infection of neighboring tissue organs or fascia.

Director Zhang pointed out that before preparing for pregnancy, women should conduct systematic oral examinations, cleansing teeth, wisdom tooth extraction, and treatment of dental diseases.Dental treatment (including wisdom tooth extraction) during pregnancy is not recommended during pregnancy. If you have to get teeth during pregnancy, you must listen to the advice of dentists and consider arranging in the fourth, fifth and six months of pregnancy with strict observation.extract a tooth.

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